X-350 ~ Royal Enfield Thunderbird Street Version by Haldankar Customs

There’s something special about motorcycle that is they make you feel manly, powerful and free! If you don’t own a motorcycle, you would want one, if you have, you probably want another! No amount of crashes, or horror fictions will dissuade a motorcyclist from their affection towards an engine strapped to two wheels. And then there comes a time, when you would want something special about your ride, some prefers comfort, some goes for the look and some wants their bike in their own way….! X-350 is one such bike, A cruiser Royal Enfield Thunderbird was converted into a powerful Street ride by Haldankar Customs!


Major alternations for the bike is it’s tighter then stock weight, equipped with Inverted Fork for better suspension, Digital Speedometer, Custom Head Light & Tail Light with Unique Indicators, Front Tire is 120mm with Rear Tyre 180mm.

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Haldankar Customs is a Mumbai based professional motorcycle workshop, specialized in custom designing motorcycle according to client’s need, modification, restorations & performance improvement of motorcycle.


Haldankar Customs
Tanmay Haldankar
Call : 099 30113 453
Email : tanmanunited89@gmail.com
Dahisar West, Mumbai
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Photo and Info : Haldankar Customs

Note : Please mention us (350CC.com) when you contact Haldankar Customs.

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19 thoughts on “X-350 ~ Royal Enfield Thunderbird Street Version by Haldankar Customs

  1. I want to know the modifications price, cuz me too have Thunderbird 350 and need to modify it.

    Please arrange a call. 9833319534

  2. by far the smartest modification on a royal enfield….above all….beyond the traditional customization….thumbs up to the builder!..

  3. Great Job mate very talent and neat looking, How must doest this cost to cover a thunder bird to this beast.

    Need more details and what tank did you us on this bike

  4. Hlw I have seen u guys at ‘ Yeh mera india’. Wow ur bikes are impressive. well I am 16 yrs old and I just wanna tell u all, that after ‘8 yrs’ I gonna buy one bike frm rajputana customs. plz make an awesome bike which will suite in my budget till 2 to 3 lakh…..thanks….

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