June 21 – It’s World Motorcycle Day

OK, so I’m a cynic. I am not much of a person to celebrate all those fancy days. Like Valentine’s Day, outdated and overrated. I see the commercials for chocolate strawberries. And big bouquets of flowers. And lets not forget that personalized teddy bear. Seriously, if a lady wants to spend money on me for Valentine’s day. I need a coffee machine. Nothing fancy, just keep the coffee warm for an hour until I finish the pot. I’m not sure if you think this way or not, but surely we both would love to celebrate a day again and again, World Motorcycle Day.

World Motorcycle Day is a GLOBAL celebration of everything from the motorcycle world. It really is odd to think it has taken this long to arrive, we have Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Worker’s Day and World Whisky Day and there are days I really can’t match up with me, like Rose Day, Kiss Day and blah blah blah.

When is World Motorcycle Day?
World Motorcycle Day is on the 21st of June Every year!! Why? Because it’s the longest day of the year, otherwise known as Solstice. If we are going to celebrate World Motorcycle Day, we may as well do it on the longest day of the year!, says the Official WMD announcers.

What is World Motorcycle Day?
World Motorcycle Day is simply a day of Motorcycle celebration, it’s for everybody who loves or has ever loved anything to do with the motorcycle world. Design, Riding, Choppers, Sports Bikes, Adventure, Racing, Classic Bikes…you name it, World Motorcycle Day is the day to celebrate it.

Where is World Motorcycle Day Celebrated?
This is a global event by the Official announcers of WMD, so you can arrange a meet up point with your rider friends, have a short ride, drink some beer in a beach not too far from your city.

How do I celebrate World Motorcycle Day?
Get on your motorcycle and ride to an Official World Motorcycle Meet Up Spot. Events can be held at anywhere decided by you guys.


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