Sepoy – Vintage Military finish Bullet by MC/BC Studio

Since my school days when I was a kid, I have a dream inside of riding  Military Green Bullets. I, or I believe anyone who rides a Bullet, has the same of owning of a Military green bullet, preferable of Matte finish with black engine. MC/BC Studio‘s latest is the exact outcome of what I, rather say many of us, dreamt of. A perfect matte green restored bullet with black engine and little bit of brass work – Sepoy , glorious with own Vintage look.


Naveen Niar from MC/BC Studio, saying about the bullet to us, “Here’s our latest creation- ‘Sepoy’, a bullet modified into a fancy vintage military bike. Apart from the matte paint color combination of Black & Military Green, the gold highlights all over the body, especially the engine, is the main attraction.”


Faridabad based earlier known as Bobbers and Choppers where change their name into MC/BC Studio  – ‘Motorcycle Customization by Bobbers & Choppers.


Sepoy – Vintage Military finish Bullet by MC/BC Studio, Crafted with a lot of love, below are some main features:

1) Extra wide handles
2) LED backlight
3) Matte finish paint (Military green & black)
4) Hand painted gold highlights
5) Ignition switch on side tool box
6) Tube silencer (it gives an unbelievable thump!)


“…Hope you’ll love this one as much as we do!” Naveen ended with. In case if you are in love with green bulls and hunting for a good bullet restoration workshop, you may hit MC/BC Studio: call Naveen Nair on the below given number.


Naveen Nair
Call : 09953089992
MC/BC Studio

Photo : MC/BC Studio.

Note : Please mention us ( when you contact MC/BC Studio.


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7 thoughts on “Sepoy – Vintage Military finish Bullet by MC/BC Studio

  1. the tank doesnt suits with a bullet, it’s a hardcore bobber tank and the bike is way too far from what we call a bobber…i would appriceate with the default enfield tank instead…just saying

  2. Who told you that bobber looks like this ha??? do you have any idea how to make a bobber??? go to youtub… there you will get many tips on it. by the way, how much did all this cost you hm??

  3. The problem here is that every one has an opinion but not enough knowledge about what they are talking!! I am all for freedom of speech but still some filtering can refine the comments that pop up here!… for instance, the gentlemen who are so sure about what a bobber is, are not aware that there is no specific, design, frame or shape that defines a bobber. A Bobber is a very generic term that means a ‘bobbed down’ version of the original company make- it can be in any way. .. it is always good to read & learn a little more before throwing comments at other’s work!!!

  4. It’s very good looking bike.. I like the gold n green combination.. currently I have a Bullet 500 – forest green.. may be in future, if my bro (bullet) needs a new outfit, would like to pick some cue’s from this or even better, will contact MC/BC.

    @Naveen – interesting looking exhaust.. would you be able to share some details about it.. if possible Pro’s and Con’s.. Many Thanks

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