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Vardenchi in Marathi means, ‘Of’ the Varde or, ‘Belonging’ to the Varde.

Vardenchi Motorcycles is a company that started in 2005 under the name of The Mumbai Motorcycle Company. In 2006, the name underwent a transformation owing to the need of a more personal image.

vardenchi motorcycle photoFounder Akshai Varde chose something closer to his roots. Vardenchi is a company built on a strong belief in the highest levels of product quality and standard of service offered to the customer. With most areas of custom motorcycle building, like sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication, an in-house painting and assembly unit, the team has firm control over quality and innovative designing.

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Each Vardenchi is carefully designed to suit the riders every need and is infused with a part of his personality. He chooses every detail himself, and the motorcycle is then built to perfection. Stringent quality control techniques ensure that each machine not only looks spectacular but rides with an equivalent, superlative quality.

vardenchi motorcycle photo

What started out as the efforts of one single man, in a tiny workshop with one helper has now grown into a 12 man team with departments for each process. A sincere approach to the business and a perfect track record of great builds and deliveries keeps the business growing consistently.

vardenchi motorcycle photo
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