The Green Mamba, by Pathan Custom Motorcycle is up for sale

Assuming you are a fan of Custom Royal Enfields who has been hunting bike magazines or Googling for the same, or in case if you are already been our reader, here’s we have another shot for you. The Green Mamba by Pathan Customs, well in case if you are reading them for first time, we shall you redirect you to their other bike, which was featured here in our humble blob earlier, The Black Stallion.

The Green mamba, with the black frame, changed black wheels, black forks with the battle green outfit surely make a difference on the road. Also we appreciate the brass metalic logo of them on the fuel tank. We expect more builds from them in future.


The entirely changed Royal Enfield is the latest built of Pathan Customs, who belongs from Lucknow, is available for sale by the Maker. And I definitely can tell you it’s a decent price. Naved Khan, the founder of PCM, asks a price tag of 1.25Lakh for the entire package. If you want this one, or something similar to this one, or something you want to build the way you want, you can surely free to known them.

Call Naved Khan :


Or you can Mail to :

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      Photo Courtesy : Pathan Custom Motorcycles


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7 thoughts on “The Green Mamba, by Pathan Custom Motorcycle is up for sale

  1. agreed with Dheeraj. the gap between the wheel and the fender is extra high which spoils the look. the fender should have fixed with the wheel instead of the shoks.

  2. Mr.Naved first you jst try to know the actual design of chopper, bobber or a cafe racer bike then you decide what you want to make, dont get confused in your art ok. if you want i can help you. i better ideas then those rajputana’s…. their half of components are readymade only tank chassis and fender they makeby their own also by copying somebodies designs from magzines….

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