The Amazing Cafe Racer by RCM Guys, Using 500CC Enfield

It’s been a while since we get to feature a Café Racer using soul of a Bullet. Royal Enfield’s own product – the 500 cc Cafe Racer – Fury is knocking the Indian doors, hopefully 2014 (after the very usal dealy by Royal Enfield). Since the announcement the Cafe Racer scene was buzzing more into Indian market and the number of Cafe freaks has been increasing way spontaneously.  it’s good to see people are more into category-wise custom instead of just modifying bikes. Scene of Bike Modification is changing in India is a very brighter way. Inspiring this is!

Like always, When Rajputana Guys involve into something, they assure of the best outcome with their every single build. This time they did this beautiful Cafe Racer – the NU Cafe Racer.  “A 500cc Royal Enfield Cafe Racer commisioned for ‘Numero Uno Jeanswear‘. Rebuilt 80% of the frame, Rubber mounted engine, Mononshock, rear Swingarm, KTM forks, Denim clad seat, Brass Details….the list goes on. ” – RCM, or Vijay, the former of Rajputana Custom Motorcycles, updates this small tech spec in their Facebook release note.

The fuel tank was completely built by RCM guys and also the swing arm was customised and then the stock Royal Enfield shocks were ditched for a mono shock set up, making for a much smoother and visually appealing ride. The front forks were replaced with KTM Front Forks. Also up front, the headlight was custom cast and the rear tail light was cast out of brass.

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The NU Cafe Racer Photo Gallery

The first cafe racer Chingari  by Rajputana guys was built on mid 2011 using a Royal Enfield 500cc uce  and was appriceated by every bike enthusiast. The new Cafe Racer  took them three months to build and all for the very palatable cost of 450,000 Rupee/ $8000 – not bad for a fully customised, ground up build.  You may contact Rajputana Custom Motorcycles, the most adorable bike builder in country, via or by visiting their official website

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Photo Courtesy : Rajputana Customs

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27 thoughts on “The Amazing Cafe Racer by RCM Guys, Using 500CC Enfield

  1. Very hard to believe Indian custom motorcycle fans standard goes so classy. easily can beat any International big fat names. We are proud for you Vijay. Thank you.

  2. This guy is way talented than other “modifier” He has a great sense of bike history and delivering almost all world class customs. Good Luck Vijay.

  3. I have royel enfield 350. I want more 1 bike….from rajputana custom Motorcycles. so plzz send me tour add and phone no..i ,ll come after 2 month….

  4. There is really no point in complaining that the motorcycle is expensive. Custom motorcycle works well when it is by itself appreciated as an independent piece of crafted art. It is expensive due to the resources and importantly the labor that has gone into making it.
    Vijay singh has really put India on the map here. I am thoroughly excited about the growing culture which is more evolved than the backstreet sticker mods we had (which btw, I really enjoyed as a kid).

  5. hey i really love ur work n would like to get a cafe racer moodified so can u please say me the critaria n which bike should be good

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