Royal Enfield Trial Bullet – ’60’s Charm by BAAK Motocyclette

Royal Enfield’s motorcycles had proved an outstanding trials motorcycle in old days,  by the early 1960’s the days of such ‘heavyweights’ were limited and so the Redditch factory turned to the only suitable machine in its range: the 250 Crusader. A prototype of Crusader series were raveled in the late 1950s and received mix reaction. Post that he trial bullets were remain unseen like many other Royal Enfield products, in recent days BAAK Motocyclettes revival their custom kit to reminisce the old Trial racer series. 

BAAK Motocyclettes is a french motorcycle creation workshop moved by the skills of six craftsmen passionate about distinguished mechanics. The workshop creates parts and custom motorcycles, based on Triumph, Moto Guzzi and Royal Enfield in Lyon. Back to basics for this Royal Enfield, transformed into a retro scrambler, highly influenced by old BSA, AJS and other trial motorcycles. Some custom handcrafted parts and leather details offer it a touch of chic. Lightweight, reliable and easy to handle, this bike will enable you to ride long distances at the rhythm of its mono-cylinder.

Specification Details:

  • 21′ front wheels and 18′ rear wheels on original hub, and trial / road mixed tires
  • Aluminium gas tank
  • Wide scrambler type handlebar and Biltwell handles
  • Aged brown leather seat
  • Gas tank leather strap
  • Side leather saddlebag
  • Scrambler exhaust line
  • Aluminium Scrambler front mudguard
  • Aluminium Scrambler rear mudguard
  • Side license plate support with taillight and plate lightning
  • Headlight protection grid
  • Silicone fork gaiters
  • Mini round mirror
  • Mini blinkers
  • Air filter
  • Monza gas tank cap.

All the custom kits are available internationally via their website.

Photo and Info : BAAK Motocyclette/ Pipeburn

Note : Please mention us ( when you contact BAAK Motocyclette.

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