Royal Enfield Bobber ~Matilda by Rajputana Custom Motorcycle

I always admire Rajputana builds, they are clean, neat and very much into genre! In the crowded world of the custom motorcycle scene, they always have their solid individual presence. Like this custom 500cc Royal Enfield UCE could be an example of world class bobber – “Matilda” they named it, was built for RCM client Sahil.

Vijay Singh Ajairajpura , the former of Rajputana Custom Motorcycles, is not only doing some awesome work with machines, also raising a great motorcycle sence in country with his continious excellent builds since 2010!

You may contact Rajputana Custom Motorcycles, one of the the most reputed bike builder in country, via or by visiting their official website

Pictures Courtesy: Anchit Natha for Rajputa Custom Motorcycles

Note : Please mention us ( when you contact Rajputana Custom Motorcyces.

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