Royal Enfield Bobber with girder fork suspension by Imperial Customs

If you’re keen on building a custom motorcycle, you always should prior to annex the sole purpose of a custom bike – enhanced comfort, favoring style over ride-quality and uniqueness. Modifying a motorcycle is never ending process and everyone has own style, from retro Cafe Racers to ultra modern street commuters, old school bobbers to cozy cruisers… the eternal evolution is endless. If you talk about Bobbers, they were made with the key emphasis on being the bike minimal,  improving speed and maneuverability, bike owners used to remove as many components as possible from their motorcycles. However following stream, bobbers became a style icon keeping the mainstream physiognomy – we see various kind of bobbers are being built. The one we have today to share, is somewhat of keeping impression of a Bobber with own necessity –  A 1982 Royal Enfield 350cc by Imperial Customs from the pink city Jaipur.

The base bike is a ages old Cast Iron Royal Enfield 350cc and altered with striking modification. The house made  front suspensions affluent with girder fork which adds the beauty. Both the tyres were replaced to profile 110mm. The handlebar, yellow headlight, strong paintjob and bobbet seats are quite smug and have it own presence. This is a clean build, check out the photos till we pursue some more upcoming bike from the house of Imperial Customs.


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Photo Courtesy : Imperial Customs

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