Retro Standard – Built on a Karizma 220

Some motorcycle lovers keep their priorities out off modern-day bike with its lavish styling deportment. Instead, they prefer older motorcycles, that breed of bikes that provides a throwback to simpler times with aristocratic zest. The two-wheeled style of a bygone era simply grabs everyone’s attention without seeming ostentatious. Let 80’s were the era when all the elevated motorcycle observance were getting rich day by day by motorcycle enthusiasts. Those simple looking bikes were the ancestor of all the modern vehicles. An exquisite replica of such simplicity is restored by Gear Gear Motorcycle from Bangalore, using a Honda Karizma 220 and we liked it much!


Rajaram Rajendran, former of Gear Gear Motorcycle shared few words with us, “When the Karizma came in, we figured we could pretty much go in any direction with it. The usual cafe racer / brat / tracker stance were considered, but then we thought we’ll just go clean, old-school stock with it. The objective was to get it close to a standard bike from the 80s, with a few modern touches.

The rear subframe was redesigned, we swapped out the alloy wheels for some modified hubs and wider rims and new spokes for the wheels. A simple tank, and a seat that’s custom but has a vintage stock seat look. Went with brown for the seat and grips. A simple single speedo, K&N filter, a short exhaust, chrome headlamp, and chrome on fenders. We relocated the battery and cleaned up the area under the seat. Chose to leave it blank instead of side covers for a slightly modern ‘custom’ look. Wider tyres on front and rear, a simple round tail lamp and tiny blinkers to add to that retro look. Once we got the stance right, everything kinda fell into place. The Karizma’s engine does put out decent power, and the bike is lighter and flickable now as well. This one is a blast to ride and flick around even in traffic, and it has enough juice to let you cruise peacefully on the highway. Most importantly, this bike never fails to put a grin on our faces every time we ride it.”


Gear Gear Motorcycles
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Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
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Photography Courtesy : Gear Gear Motorcycles

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2 thoughts on “Retro Standard – Built on a Karizma 220

  1. I want to modify my royal enfield electra into a vintage model with huge amount of sound emitting from the bike. Can you give a best suggestion or tell me the price that I have to bear in order to convert my bike

  2. This is just woww……. I own karizma version 2(2014) which has been old babe. so I was planning to restore him to stock completely but once I saw the Retro Standard – Built on a Karizma 220 in, I was like mad and first word from my mouth “cool!!!”. I have few doubts or few questions, It would be very very helpful if you could say me

    1. Is it the same frame which comes with karizma version2 either version1 or different one( which one it could set) ?
    2. What is the fork set and handle bar set? (my guessing would be KTM bars with rx forks)
    3. Does Retro Standard – Built on a Karizma has completely built tank or is it some other bikes tank?

    I wish you could let me know these things and I will have you people a surprise……… 😀 🙂

    Seriously your guys are amazing, it is a fabulous idea with a best neatest work every I have seen.

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