Restored Yezdi by Dochaki Designs

“Yezdi bike is a part of legends, so its always exiting to work on something like that, second it gave me an opportunity to add and delete things which i thought right to make it a real Eye Vintage Style Machine, and third its so much fun to ride, 2 stroke engine, both side exhaust, Same lever for kick and Gears.

So this bike came to us in pieces, client wanted to do something with it, not sure what, wanted to restore but also wanted to change the looks from minor to major overall look and feel. So after continuous discussion and making lots of sketches. we proposed to make a vintage style bike keeping most of the panels stock. He liked the idea and we started. So we kept the fuel tank, Side panels, Main Frame, Forks, Tail Light Stock. And we played around with the sub frame, New Sweeping Mudguards both front and Rear for that Retro Feel, both of them are mounted through visible bold Mudguard stays which overlaps the mudguards. Removed a single long seat into Two Separate seats for rider and pillion. front seat is spring mounted to have that small touch of the hardtail era. Stock Handle as been removed to a new one to house inverted Levers, with Grips that has the same material strips as seat.
Number plate is moved to in front mudguard aligned on center. And after all this, the green paint and Legendary gold Strips to to complete the look. Once that was done we turned towards Engine, as this bike does not had a blinkers and all we have converted the system into a electric one so we can house the batter and mount horn and blinkers. we used Minimalist led blinkers so it gets merged in the overall feel of the bike. This bike is a mix of lot of original parts and many handcrafted pieces to reach the desired look.


Dochaki Designs
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