Restored Royal Enfield Himalayan by GRID7 Customs

Every Motorcycle enthusiast wants their bike to look unique and at the same time perform well and deliver utmost comfort. Also it is always a great fun to restore an existing part with painjob and minor alternation like remapping  exhaust pipe, altering seat, lights etc etc. We haven’t seen much of alternation on the newly launched Royal Enfield Himalayan on a time, so it’s fun for us too, to share this all new revivaled Royal Enfield Himalayan by GRID7 Customs, from Kerala. Have some time to check out this fresh renaissance Himalayan outlook.

Talking on the build and themselves, the team shared few lines with us, “We started this shop on 2016 February 29th, The owner of this shop is Robin Davis. its located in Kerala- Thrissur district, NH-47 bypass, Marathakkara. here we deal with cars and bikes. Here we do works like exhaust, remap on behalf of ‘redbandracing’ , paintjob, body kits and other alteration works and we do provide accessories for vehicles under our care. And for bikes all kind of mods and alterations. We mainly concentrate in exhaust systems. We are not using the conventional free flow system. so that we can guarantee more power.

The customer of himalayan Shambu Vinayan was a friend of Mr.Robin. He love long rides. So considering the low budget among the tourer bikes. he bought a himalayan. but we all know it dosent look good and while riding this bike it dosent feel like it have 411cc

He bring the himalayan to the shop and told us he want a total change and better power. so we started the work. At first we removed the additional mudguard just below the headlight. Then we want to remove the stock meter cluster and headlight. To fit the new headlight the tank side grill want to be removed because the headlight was mounted on the extension of the grill. so the grill was removed and altered. And new clamps and fittings were made to fix the new headlight. the meter cluster was fitted on the left side grill. So nothing is in the front to block the view other than the handle. The front stock wheel is of 21″. but it looks bad on that vehicle. So we changed the wheel to 18″ and tyre size used is 110/80/18″ The rear wheel is 17″ with tyre 120/70/17″ , at first we just replaced the stock tyre with a wider tyre 140/70/17″. But since the rim doesn’t have much width, we made a wider 17″ rim. Then we mounted the tyre- 140/70/17″ , now the tyre feels much wider. We removed the tail piece , so the number plate was mounted on the left swing arm. The stock colour of the bike was black. the customer want to change the color of the bike but he doesn’t want funky colors. So we selected a darker shade of ‘forest green’ color. The paint was metallic but we painted it in matte finish because glossy finish doesn’t match the bike. the tank and front mudguard was repainted.

Customer wanted the exhaust system to be different from other vehicles. So we decided to bring the exhaust to the tail of the bike. the exhaust was completely made in stainless steel. even the inside structure. the exhaust was made in a special way We used a different technology other than the conventional free flow system to develop more back pressure and more power.the exhaust system will withstand upto 1260 degrees. And since it was made of stainless steel, no worries like cladding or rusting or other problems.

We have completed the works of the bike within the duration of 3 to 4 weeks time, by alloting a single worker to do the job.”


GRID7 Customs
NH-47 By-pass, Marathakkara, Service Road , Opp. Federal Bank
Thrissur, Kerala
Phone – 090727 19588
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Photography Courtesy : GRID7 Customs

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4 thoughts on “Restored Royal Enfield Himalayan by GRID7 Customs

  1. Well good modification on colour and exhaust how much will it cost to Chang only the exhaust and colour
    I wane a buy one too

  2. i want my himalayan the same. but i stay in lucknow. i will take my bike to your store. i m eagerly wanting to redesign my bike . please tell me the wholesome cost. 9453565682

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