Restored Rajdoot 175 by Ayas Custom Motorcycle

There is the common popular phrase ‘Old is Gold’ which seems strongly right for motorcycles, seeing the increasing demand among the youngsters for old bikes now a days reinforces this fact and this is indeed a great sign to keep those historical legend bikes alive. Rajdoot 175 is one of among them,  it was the integrated part of the life of almost every Indian family. The simple design of the engine coupled with the solid suspension setup made sure that it sold by tens of thousands before being discontinued because of the Euro II Emission Regulation in India. We have today a member of Rahdoot series, which has been beautifully  restored by Pune based Ayas Custom Motorcycle, in a very charming old school bobber vein.


Amey More, owner and designer of Ayas Custom Motorcycle shared few words on the workshop and the bike as well, ” Ayas means precious metal in Sanskrit and we certainly believe that every bike is a precious metal indeed for his owner. Building custom motorcycle and taking its apt care is what we do, but on an order basis. Because precious things like your machine do need come care and some pampering!!

For the latest restoration, Its a Rajdoot 175cc engine fitted double detachable seats, the custom job includes handmade bodywork, custom leather work, brass etching work, brass 2 layer plating, 2 tone body paint, restored exhaust and also the overall modification reduced the weight by 20% which is a additional performance ought. 

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