Raakhdi, the beautiful basic build by Rajputana Custom Motorcycle


Before we get too far into this post, and in the interests of openness and honesty, I feel it’s best to be straight with you, yes I respect the basic look of Royal Enfield the most. So it’s pretty obvious to like the new chop of Rajputana Custom, the  Raakhdi. Like I say, the army colored bullet turns me on, so does this one.

The black shaded army colored Royal Enfield with black exhaust plus black rings with the wooden seat, what else one can dream about? And yes the beautiful logo of Rajputana Custom make you feel jealous.

The bike was built for Mr. Sanjit Das of Delhi. On a release not on their facebook page Vijay, the founder of Rajputana Custom Motorcycle said “One of our more basic builds but she was a real joy to work on. You don’t always have to chop up an RE to make her look pretty. Full marks to the original designers of our “Good OL BULTY”.”

The Proud owner of Raakhdi, Sanjit and Suzanne (We’re not quite sure if we’re allowed to steel this photo)

Pictures were taken by Saurabh Goyal. Many thanks and an excellent job as usual.

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5 thoughts on “Raakhdi, the beautiful basic build by Rajputana Custom Motorcycle

  1. where can i get the seats?
    and is this legal to paint my bike in army color (or any color???) i was stopped by a cop few months before and was fined for painting my bike in a different color, the blue book stated the original color and the cop asked me if i took the proper approval from RTO to change color..!!!! as a result i had to pay a small amount of fine.!! 🙁

  2. is the rare mudguard taken of enfield classic? the tail light looks so…..anyway great job Vijay…you are the real artist 🙂

  3. keep aside the kickass bike…the man is the lucky ass….he gets everything so beautiful around haha 😛 congrats man… 🙂

  4. @ raja…
    yes….i too gave penalty for changing the color and logo.. my bike is bajaj avenger and i did change the paint job and the handle bar and wrote Harley Davidson replacing the avenger logo….i paid 100 rs
    in kolkata)
    @ bike…..loved it..

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