Puranam Designs, modifying Royal Enfields in Visakhapatnam

There seemed to be an endless line up of amazing bikes at this years for the Blog; and this Puranam Designs in Visakhapatnam  is a another example of one. As their first custom, A Royal Enfield Electra 5s is re-styled  as a single rider cruiser.  Talking on the first modification, the Lead guy Santosh Kumar said, “If you believe these pictures a thumper is born out of pure passion. A Royal Enfield Electra 5s is re-styled by Puranam Designs as a single rider cruiser. Its our first bike and we have not compromised on any department be it paint, workmanship, parts and design.


And we proudly say that yes its a show stopper. Every curve just waltz with the slighest ray of light. By the way if you thought it will be sheer amazement in traffic to get that envious look in daylight, then my friends, the focus leds installed under the gas tank and the unique double danger lamp and stop light and the signature pilot lamps- again in powerful leds makes even a small ride in any dark crowed place a possesive surprise.


So dear bike enthusiasts, if unique is your style statement, then Puranam Designs has an anwser for you. Please call us, e-mail us or even leave a scrap and we will deliver your fantasy – a poetry in motion.”

We had a small communication with them via emails and they’ve replied all the useful queries in brief. I hope the info will help you.

1) Average cost of Custom job :
This as is characterized with any customization work depends on the designs which a client wants. Like the one featured in the album will cost about a Rs 100,000.00. But in general we are focusing on being low priced between Rs 70,000.00 to Rs 200,000.00 as compared to the famed customisers.

2) Do you work with only RE engines?
We have worked more on RE models, but that’s not the only bike. We are open to any bike capable of being modified. Like it can be an Yamaha Enticer, or an Bajaj Avenger and of course the darling of any customizer – Bullets

3) Do you provide a complete brand new custom (buy the bike then build it), or you only do the custom thing on the buyer’s given Bike?
All is based on the client request. If the client wants us to source a bike used/new and customize it, we offer that as we have our own tie up with a used bike dealer. But with the new bike option it is preferred that the client pursues the bike, as different models can have various waiting time for delivery, that would prolong the whole process based on the delivery time by the dealer. If the client already has the stock bike, that’s the best way to start without any delays.

4) Average Time to build?
Only the build would take 25 – 30 days being the stock bike provided. source new/used would be extra based on the availability.


We don’t tamper with the frame work or the engine or the colour. This takes care of the best possible performance as far as the technicalities are concerned. Also this makes the bike legal as per the RTO books. What we do is a qualitative refurbishment, with top notch attention paid to every aspect of design, fabrication, alignment and the overall fitment and feel recreated on the same color as per the RTO records.

We are present in two cities – Vizag our home town and Delhi. We can handle orders from all over india from both this locations. ”

We wish to see more bikes coming from them in sooner future. All our best wishes goes for them.

You can reach them :

“Mr Rupanand Pradhan

Manager – Marketing
+91 9999619004
Puranam Designs


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9 thoughts on “Puranam Designs, modifying Royal Enfields in Visakhapatnam

  1. Don’t understand why people are not liking it.
    It’s THE MOST beautiful modified Bullet I have EVER seen, with the original soul and feel of the bullet still being intact.
    If I would have had enough moolah.. Trust me the first thing I would have done is race towards your Delhi shop.
    And who knows maybe after a couple of years I will

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