PUBG themed custom painted Helmet

Video games are more than just a booming entertainment business, in the gaming world, we have eye-witnessed a revolutionary movement with the arrival of PUBG Mobile. However, it is needless to introduce this game before any game freak, still, if you don’t get interact with this game, then let us tell you PUBG is the new gaming fever in our current gaming trends. The game has created a trend and needless to say you would intent to appear with a mark of thing that you are in so much love with. With many other cosmetics, why not a Helmet when you are into motorcycling?! If you are PUBG freak then you can’t afford to miss this.

The paint job was superbly done on a regular half helmet by Guns And Hoses Custom, who also have had their hands to modify bikes. We like the detailed lines and color contrasts which obligingly offer the Game’s theme. Tejas Manek, the owner of the studio who offers wide custom paintjob among everything from helmets to motorcycles , cars , interiors , wall murals , t-shirts , riding gear , electronics etc.

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Photography Courtesy :Guns and Hoses – Custom Paint Studio

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