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Riding a Royal Enfield, one of the most revered bike of the nation, isn’t just a matter of pleasure of riding a motorcycle, for most it is a symbol of attaining manhood. With reliability, performance and an excellent blend of the classic and modern, we every time keep adding something more appealing which deliver a unique personality as well as suitable for leisure and practical riding with a strong emotional appeal…The first modification many of fans do is changing the Exhaust!!! Truly the roaring appeal is missing in the new exhausts, so you are one like me and you search in Google and find plenty of XYZ sellers and dozzons of eBay links along with hundred of Facebook Enfield pages discussing thousand guys over buying Royal Enfield exhausts– let me say it very straight -choosing any of them could be dangerous ….so which one is right for your Bullet! Choosing any random exhaust could lead you towards a disaster result…trust me there’s a lot you should consider before you put a 2000 bucks exhaust on your 1.5 Lakh Bullet’s heart!! A huge technology runs inside the pipe to deliver a decent performance and upmost longevity. So let me share my own experience:

Well, it’s always advisable to change the Exhaust at least after 3000 KM from the buying day, I did it at about 3200KM in my Classic 350. I first tried the one is easily available in any Bullet shop, long bottle/punjab dholki, well at preliminary stage the sound might impress you if you like creviced (at above 60KM/h) bass, but harms a lot your Engine, you probably wouldn’t want that. However I ended up with the exhaust in about 2 months as it had a terrible crack and rusty body! I then chosed glasswool equipped Goldstar , Glass wool is a thermal insulation that consists of intertwined and flexible glass fibers, which causes it to “package” air, resulting in a low density that can be varied through compression and binder content, well that too might not satisfy you much, as you may find very poor quality of glasswool in most exhaust in the market. I, then happened to use one from Khalidaro house, Cannon it is, it was heavy..full of stainless steel..looks premium…produce powerful thumph at 100km/h and a noticeable change in performance – the acceleration is smooth as you never experienced in your Bullet. Satisfied me enough and grab attention of my fellow rider friends!!

Cannon Khalidaro Performance Exhaust

So I had a talk with  Khalidaro Design of Mumbai and was interested knowing the tech-spec. Stainless steel body with high grade aluminium nozzle which creates a high bass sound. The exhaust has 1250 degree Celsius heat bearing capacity and the nozzle is turned to match with a cone shaped muffler which creates a good amount of back pressure due to which mileage is not affected. This is what exactly the USP of our product is. At present they are offering 4 types of Exhausts – 1. Cannon Performance Exhaust, 2. Cobra Performance Exhaust, 3. Barrel Performance Exhaust and 4. Mental Performance Exhaust.

Cannon Performance Exhaust Exhaust type: Straight Metal- Stainless Steel 304, Nozzle-Aluminium endures high grade temperature, Exhaust end- Clamp less lathe turned, Heat sink- Alloy, Rivets- Aluminium and Stainless steel, Muffler-Cone Shaped with Zinc coated, high quality Imported Glasswool, Heat bearing capacity-1250 degrees, Exhaust Finish- Outer body – high gloss buff, Nozzle- Powder Coated Heat Sink- Powder Coated. Cannon is available from Khalidaro at 12,500/- including shipping all over India.

Cobra Khalidaro Performance Exhaust

Cobra Performance Exhaust has everything same apart from the bended look, which surely accords an appealing attitude. Flexible joint used in Cobra is been imported from Argentina which is stainless steel 304 rust free. The price for Multi bend Cobra Performance Exhaust is 16650/- including the shipping.  However, Khalidao offers to buy back Khalidaro manufactured exhaust systems in exchange of their new one with an additional exchange price of 60% of the current cost.

Both  Cannon and Cobra is been tuned especially for Royal Enfield to give a specialized grooved bass sound, the cone shaped muffler increases the performance as this turns the nozzle to create the circular airflow which enhances the back pressure.

Mileage : Even they say “Never Ask, Woman’s Age, Man’s Wage & Bullet’s Mileage”,  but on a serious note, for an Indian biker, achieving the highest possible fuel efficiency for any bike is a constant endeavor. So does those performance exhaust affect bullet mileage? My experience says Yes, it’s improved! Initially I was bit unhappy cause I felt there was a slight mileage drop, however after changing the air-filter and some routine check up it was indeed improved (I’m getting about 36kmpl now).

Assuming you don’t want to compromise your Royal engine for few thousand bucks, this is always recommendable to avoid cheap silencers pipe and use something salubrious, damaging few extra money is always been a better decision than damaging the engine. I can strongly recommend Khalidaro Performance Exhaust after few months of riding my Classic 350!

You may contact them for any query :  Khalid shaikh or Jyoti Shukla (CEO – Khalidaro and Manager)

Phone :9769662080/9833892080

Office Address:

A-301 pink Appts , near 7 bungalows garden ,
J.P Road, Andheri (west),
Mumbai-400061, Maharashtra

Workshop/ factory Address:

Khalidaro design Shop No.7, shafee compound,
Raghvendra Mandir Road, Near Amit glass signal
Off S.V Road, jogeshwari (west)
Mumbai, Maharashtra


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102 thoughts on “Performance Exhaust and Accessories from Khalidaro Design

  1. i have 500cc classic 2011 model , But I am not happy with the thump , I want the thump same as old engines gives the thump, can you suggest me which on is good thump


    1. @ Ashok
      Our cannon performance exhaust system has a loud bass sound, and do not have the thump of the old engines… if you are based in mumbai then Pls visit our work shop where you can listen to some more exhaust designed by us or Pls contact me on 9769662080

      @ habeeb sk
      We are designing a performance exhaust for the old engines as this exhaust is especially designed for the twinspark engines… but very soon we will update you for the old bulls…

      @Arvind Ponnuswamy
      We do not have the recording of the sound as it has got a loud high bass we are unable to record the exact sound

      @rajesh Balachandra
      No till date there is no complaints as such….

      @Sunit Pradhan
      You can visit the work shop at Jogeshwari… Where you can test drive khalidaro design’s demo bike with the cobra performance exhaust..

      1. Hi,
        I am based in Bangalore and own a BULLET 500. I am really interested in the Canon exhaust. Is there any possibility that I can hear this silencer anywhere in Bangalore.


      2. Dear khalid ji
        I want to implant performance silencer on tb350
        Jus want to know is this also a free flow silencer
        Will it maintain actual back pressure
        Could Exhaust valve and it seat can damage
        Clamps wld be given or not to fit it

  2. looks super and getting 36kmpl on a 350cc cl is decent enough…i will soon buy that cobra question…hope that don’t temp pillion’s butt???

  3. what is that in desert strome photo at the joining of bent pipe and exhaust? looks some silver wrapper? is this something like titenium wrapper? what is the purpose? thank you –

    1. Hi ritesh
      That’s a stainless steel flexible joint
      1) to fix the exhaust easily
      2) takes a good amount of jerks while off roading
      3) stainless steel 304 body
      4) it don’t spoil the sound even it’s bend at the most…

  4. i’ve heard the noice of Khalidaro silencers, they are heavy but not loud. sounds good and grab attention of fellow bulleteers. its a good go.

    1. @ kulwinder
      Bro you don’t ride a normal bike… you ride a 150000- 205000 rs bike. To maintain the best quality and performance we got to do a lot of r&d’s on the exhaust…. Which obviously cost us a huge amount…. and thus we offer you a 1 year guarantee/warranty and a buy back option…. To know more about our r&d’s Pls log on to

    1. Classic rep is best in perfomance and mileage but if u need petrol indicator and 5 more sensors I would prefer classic top

  5. Best performance result on cannon… Vibration is very less on my thunderbird 350. Best mileage on highway.. Sounds awesome!!

  6. Dear Khalid,

    I have a new Thunderbird 500 and i want to have compressed base beat like a woofer, so please suggest
    I am living in Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu.

    Thanks & Best Regards

    1. Hi Krushnai
      Cannon and the cobra both have got the high bass sound like a woofer … I have shipped cannon to Chennai and madurai… If these places are close to you then Pls visit there and listen to the sound… and I am sure you will like the sound… Or else you can also call me on 09769662080, 09833892080
      Khalid shaikh
      Khalidaro design

  7. Well Mr.Khalid is one online seller whom I’ve met in the recent past is kind hearted and neat to deal with. Even if the product you sell doesn’t impress your customer you should be appealing enough to make the customer by your product and he is one such person. But that doesn’t mean that there is a compromise in the product.
    All I would say to people who are looking for the Khalidaro Performane Exhaust is just don’t keep asking him for a video or a sound clip of the exhaust’s performance. I was one among them who asked him for it. He said he don’t have once bcoz it is impossible to record its original sound. I was under an impression that if this guy is making a over hype about exhaust but believe me that’s true. You cannot record its original sound but you must feel it. I see a significant rise in the pickup. One real concern I had was the mileage and Khalid said it would give me 40+ if rode within 3K rpm. Haven’t tested it yet but I trust him :).
    It would make people turn their heads towards your bird. Neither noisy nor bassy but a mixture of both. Imagine you hear the sound of a old CI engine with its bottle silencer and another UCE engine fitted with a wildboar, both running at the same time!! (Wohoo!! this is exactly what I was looking for). For those TBTS riders who are happy with the birds performance but upset with its thump, I would say just go for the “KHALIDARO CANON PERFORMANCE EXHAUST”. Happy bulleting!!

  8. i heard the sound from a fellow rider….i liked it and he was imoressed on the performance too…i will hope to buy one

  9. Hi

    Dis is ravi,I have a new Royal Enfild Clasic350. and i want to have base beat like a woofer, I just visited dis page and iam interested on “KHALIDARO CANON PERFORMANCE EXHAUST” so please suggest
    I am living in Hyderabad,Telangana.

  10. i saw this one somwehere,,,i loved the sound. great build quality and thumph is real greatr. produce decent thumph and makes difference. i planning to buy this

  11. I have a new Royal Enfild TBTS 350. and i want to have base beat like a woofer, I just visited dis page and iam interested on “KHALIDARO CANON PERFORMANCE EXHAUST” so please suggest
    I am living in Hyderabad,Telangana.
    Mynumber : 9581800011

  12. Hi sir
    I am from cochi,kerala, I am using a classic 350 2012 model. I am interested in changing my silence to cannon performance exhaust. I would like to know if it’s compatible with the classic 350. I am not asking about the sound and quality as its all mentioned in the comments above….

  13. i would like to know that…. is there any dealer in kerala ?…..if there is a dealer .plz provide the contact number

  14. Hi,
    i got the few details about the khilrado exhaust pipes while surfing on net.

    i have a new model THB 350, and i am looking to change the exhaust pipe , i am based @Lucknow ,can you mail be the stable exhaust pipe Looking at my requirement .
    would be great if u could send me PIC’s of all available models along with their prices and how could i get this at my place.



  15. Bullet fans have so many options from your R&D, what about RX100 lovers ? If you have any good exhaust products or idea then please suggest. I have both a bullet 350 and a RX100.

  16. Dear Sir,
    I am from Hooghly (near Kolkata), W.B. I love my Classic Chrome 500cc and want a matching exhaust-sound that suits it best. I leave it upon you to suggest me the most suitable exhaust pipe for my bike.

    Also, please inform me about its availability in Kolkata. If its not available here in Kolkata, how could I have one ?

    Koushik Patra.

  17. I am from Agartala, Tripura, I have a new Royal Enfild TBTS 350 and i want to have base beat like a woofer high thump, I just watch a video on YouTube then I visited in this site and I am pretty impressed on “KHALIDARO CANON PERFORMANCE EXHAUST”. So please confirm me how much for this exhaust & send me some pic alongwith price. I am living in Agartala, Airport Road, Usha Bazar – 799009, Tripura (West).

  18. Do you have any silencer for new model standard 350 cc UCI. What will be the cost for that.? Thankssssss……

  19. Sir I have issues regarding which exhaust to choose for my classic 350. I am planning to keep it for a very long time, so I can’t compromise with the permormance for the long run. Plus I am a resident of gurgaon so how it can be possible for me to listen to the exhaust. And when you will ship me from where I will get it fixed. Can you also send me the full details regarding the types of exhaust and their prices.
    Thank you

  20. 16K for a silencer ….? is this really worth it ? its too hard to afford after spending 1.5 L on the bike then again 16K for this.. .. But every one’s dream to have a head turning sound for their bike.. any alternatives with in 5k ?

  21. I ahev thunderbird 350 Twinspark (One launched with projector headlamps). I am from gandhinagar, gujarat and i am looking for an exhaust which shall give a pure bass thump and not the sound with any treble. So far i have tried the exhausts like punjabi and indori, but they do not have any sound which i am looking for. I have read about you on this website and tried reaching you on but i couldn’t.

    Could you please provide some evidence so that I have confidence enough to order your product online as i cannot travel back to your office at Mumbai. Also please provide information about how can i avail the product if i want to.

    1. Hi Amar If you are looking for a high bass sound then you can go for the cannon performance exhaust which will give you a full bassy sound for more information please contact us on 09833892080.

  22. Hv a 2013 model TBTS500; Can you share dealer details in Bangalore whom i can contact to replace my silencer; i am looking @ Cobra or Cannon.

  23. Hi,
    After reading all the above feedbacks I decided to go for Canon. But to feel the actual sound, do you have any dealers in Cochin?

  24. Dear khalid bhai
    I recently got a new thunderbird 500 but I really don’t like it’s thump.Please suggest me the kind of silencer and its availability in srinagar kashmir.if it’s not available here can you please deliver it here in srinagar kashmir.

  25. Hi,

    After how many kms shall I change my new exhaust to “Cannon Performance Exhaust” on my Thunderbird 500 ? I dont like the thump of the new bike.


  26. I have an outlet for royal enfield accessories and modification unit and would like to add your product at our outlet so if you r interested kindly do contact to me .

    Prem Automotive Guwahati Assam

  27. Hi, I am located in delhi, have enfield lightning 535 cc with me. would u be able to provide a silencer for my bike which could also make it sound differently (may be like harley)?

  28. I am from Kerala state.I have got an old royal enfield bullet.I would like to purchase a cobra performance exhaust for my bullet.I would like to know whether you are supplying the complete set or just muffler . can it be fitted for my old version ?. I would like to know the dealer address in Kerala.kindly reply


  29. is this silencer affected on the performance of bike?? I hear tht its creates problems further while riding on the straight slope from bottom to top… this true?? I am also want to install the canon performance on my TB350…..plz suggest me in this matter.

  30. Dear Khaled,
    I need canon for my classic 350. Where can I aquire one from.
    I am from Hyderabad, Telengana.
    My contact no 9885900089.
    Habeeb Anwar Khan.

  31. I purcahsed TB350 2015 model. I want to change the exhaust. Please suggest me the great thump which will look like Hardey Davidson and also the exhaust noise must be like that. Remember please I like to feel wild thump. Please suggest me asap. Contact no 9034962747

  32. Mr Khalid , i have a very good mind to fix khalidaro cobra on my classic 350 . My question is in what way does it exactly affect the torque , pulling power or top speed of the bull ? Im Looking for a little bit of technical understanding before putting it on my bull.

  33. Hi khalid sir, I own classic 350. I changed my stock silencer to monster with glasswool but I wasn’t satisfied because it faced many issues as engine overheating, lean air fuel mixture, drop in low end torque etc. Is the cannon exhaust has perfect back pressure?
    Please do reply.

  34. Hi sir
    i want to know which is the best exhaust for Thunderbird 350TS, where is your dealer in Kerala. i from kottayam
    please give the details

  35. I have a TB350 2014..
    A few queries:
    1. Does the cannon fit on TB?
    2. How does it affect the actual performance of the bike: top speed, mileage
    3. Does it help in damping vibrartions?
    4. How can I get it in bangalore?


  37. I’m from Sivakasi Tamilnad. I enjoyed 2800kms ride in my clasic 350. I want to chng the exhaust after 3000kms. Can I change cobra performance exhaust❓ will it be opt for re classic 350
    Pls respond me. Also from where I can purchase it❓ my no. 09442127667

  38. Dear Khalid Bhai,

    I want to buy the exhaust for my Standard 500.I live in delhi.Please suggest me the right exhaust model and the dealer in delhi.

    Saim : +91-9818797844


  40. Dear Khalid.
    I have a almost new (1 year old) TB350. I am thinking of buying a new exhaust. And I have come to know about the cobra performance from your house. It looks neat and sounds well too. Can you suggest me a place in Kolkata where I can get it.?

    Srijit: +919874457431

  41. hey,,I have a rx100 bike.want more power from that..more pick up,more speed i can do that ?am from odisha so u know want some idea from u.

  42. Royal enfield authorised technician told about replace of silencer with silencer with jali not with free flow. I also observed that I have replace my silencer with free flow rs 3k my tb 500 engine get overheating. Missing soung problem is also takes place .help me in selecting best silencer

    1. Hey hi gaurav
      You can contact us on 9833892080 or just drop your contact will get back to you soon…. So i guess we will discuss something on this.

  43. Hello Khalid,

    currently using Shark silencer for my TB350. Is there any advantage of cobra over shark silencer, please advise.
    if yes, then Interesting in buying cobra (In chrome color)silencer for my TB350. Can you please advise place in Delhi, to buy it

  44. Hi Khalid
    Which is better Cobra or Canon for tbts350 and which one has bassy thump.any modification or tunning is needed after installing them.

  45. sir, I have classic 350 2016 model. i heard about custom exhaust military and the only dealer is khalidharo.i wan to know details of the exhaust. please clarify. im put up at Trichirapalli, Tamilnadu, my no 09677221152

  46. Khalid Sir,
    I want to installed your exhaust system to my Royal Enfield Desert storm 500 cc bike can you pls suggest me the best way to do it.
    2).And its came with bend free flow pipe or only silencer? If only silencer can we fix if your silencer is came with original bend pipe?
    3). It’s necessary to replace original Air filter with BMC air filter to boost the performance if I installed your exhaust?
    4). its required to tune the air and fuel ratio OR engine tuning if I installed BMC filter and your exhaust ?
    I heard from royal Enfield showroom guys that any other silencers may damage the bike engine…. pls suggest me the best way.


  47. I had installed a goldstar couple of months back.. but not too impressed with it.. plus itz true.. 2L bike and a cheap after-market install..
    So after reading thru many reviews here.. I intend to check on your products and surely change by cheap Goldstar for something good.
    Can you advise, I visit the Office or the workshop for checking and installing..?

  48. Hi, I’m gonna get a bullet in the next month and I want to get an exhaust fo my bike which creates a sound just like Harley or Indian motorcycle America bikes without compromising the look of typical black bullet 350. Please reply soon

  49. Hello Khalid
    This is is Abhishek, got confused which one to buy cannon exhaust or cobra exhaust for my Thunderbird 350 (2016 Model). Which one has more thumping bass sound. Currently using Shark silencer. Please advise the price of both and how can i get in Delhi. Looking forward for your reply eagerly. Thanks

  50. I have purchased the classic reddich 350 model and am torn between the cobra and cannon, which one will be best for this bike, I don’t want too loud a sound. Is tje mumbai RTO ok with the sound it produces or am I going to get fine? Cost is not an issue.

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