Paint Job solution from GRz Custom Inc (Ghost Riderz)

Unless you live under rock and if you ever had paid some attention on Motorcycle stunts, you must be knowing the team GRz, the Ghost RiderZ from Kerala. Ghost Riderz were started as a motorcycle stunt group by number of highly appriceated motorcycle stunters and they are considered as India top bike stunt group. However, “Being an automobile enthusiast means you don’t like people telling you how or what you should ride. The best way to making the ride your own is by making one of a kind a part of yourself, an impersonation of what’s inside you. Automobile Customization helps you achieve this…” says Ghost RiderZ.

“It can be anything from aftermarket mirrors to full blown engine modifications. We at GRz Customs.Inc are here to help you with the aesthetic side of customization, that is; the paint. One of the easiest and sure shot ways to make your ride stand out from the crowd is to do a custom paint job. GRz Customs.Inc brings to life all your automobile fantasies that have been with you ever since you started understanding automobiles.”

GRz Customs.Inc is the customization wing of the “Ghost Ryderz [GRz]” motorcycle stunt team. They have been in the field of creating one-of-a-kind paint job since 2007. During the period, they have been able to amaze the customers with outstanding quality of workmanship.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Photo and Info : GRz Custom Inc

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