Out Riders Motorcycles, aka ORM from Kerala

We feel lucky when our visitors do the effort to find a good custom unit and share with us. Manoj Menon, a friend of ours who constantly help us doing this job and we are really grateful to him. Here’s another find by him , ORM.

Out Riders Motorcycle Kerala Bike Modification

Let’s hear it from Out Rider Motorcycles: 50 years of experience in the motorcycle industry and are equipped to handle all of your routine maintenance, tuning and custom build needs. Performance tuning is our specialty and we can bring your machine to peak performance. ORM Racing is dedicated to providing top notch services and accessories at a competitive price.

Out Risers Motorcycle- Kerala_Custom_Bike_Modification

Whether you’re competing on the track or doing up your daily commuter, we can accommodate all of your performance and repair needs. We specialize in performance modifications for both two and four stroke models and offer our expertise to both novice and expert riders

Out Risers Motorcycle- Kerala_Custom_Bike_Modification

Our forte was, is, and always will be service and tuninig of- sportsbikes, cruisers and off-road bikes. We undertake all aspects of repairs including Restoration, Customization, Paint job and Performance building.


Mon- Sat 10:00Am to 5:00Pm – email: ormracing@yahoo.co.in, sunilormracing@yahoo.co.in
Phone Off: +91 0487 2424592 Mob: +91 9847306336


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7 thoughts on “Out Riders Motorcycles, aka ORM from Kerala

  1. I guess the second one is a masterpiece for your perfection. I intendent to contact you for a similar work. I like the back mud guards which look perfect with the lighting cluster. cheers Team ORM long live.

  2. Hi !

    I,ve a enfield thunderbird 350cc and i would like to modify like the 2nd bike above green color can u give me the time to modify and if you can pick up and the price, you can send me a mail on my email address

  3. Hi, I am Arun From Kerala. I have a Thunder Bird 350 and i want to modify the same. so kindly suggest how to contact u ppl???
    Plz Send Nearby Showroom/ Workshop of ur team.

  4. Hi,
    I am Suresh From Kerala. I have a classic 500 and i want to modify the same as in the 2nd photograph , Pls kindly send me more details and cost.
    Thanks & Regards
    Suresh Paul

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