Old 350cc Bullet Bobber in ape hanger handlebars

Blessed with pristine beauty, North East is one of the place you would fall for! There are greenery, the hills, the music…and yes the Motorcycles..and building them. Building a custom motorcycle takes patience, the right knowledge, basics of Motorcycle history and or course the sense of beauty.I personally admire utterly bizarre retro-futuristic styling bikes a lot! So the new call from Lalchhanhima Vangchhia excited us as we were witness of his previous bikes on our small blog – One modded Electra 4s and another RD 350 Cafe Racer. This time we’ve got another Bobber from the builder!

There is a lot of love out there for the old school bobber motorcycle. Though the term “Old School” has been over used lately, it still holds up for the purest that knows what he or she is talking about. Although a lot of folks will tell you the bobber style — bobbed fenders, the fuel tank, the headlights or even the tyre sizes! Here we have got probably the best example of a everything ~

About the builder, Lalchhanhima shared us “..well the builder is the same guy who did my earlier Electra and the RD350. We call him – “MS-a”. He is a government servant and he modifies motorcycles during his leisure. Well..most of the pictures were shot by me using my DSLR, Canon 550D.( except the ones where I am riding the motor)” adding here, we loved the shots!

Lalmalsawma_custom_bike-builderHere we’ve got the builder Lalmalsawma, can be contacted via 09436140039, however he is from Mizoram. Ring him in case you would want to add some beauty to your toy!


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9 thoughts on “Old 350cc Bullet Bobber in ape hanger handlebars

  1. the work is a beauty,, bro want to know if I can get the complete set of chasis without the engine if that is possible how much would be the cost I ll get the engine fixed to it here at my place..pls let me know whatever..waiting

  2. truely. guys in north east are very stylish indeed, the almost everyone has classic sense which is visible in every aspect of their presentation…lolevy creation guys!

  3. hi, i am a software geek and a bike enthusiast since my childhood……….i’ve been a gr8 fan of urs since many days, and have been a regular visitor of this page since last few months…………i couldn’t figure out what to write to u as since i couldn’t manage to get an enfield from my dad, coz he already gifted me a R15 v2 few months back……..bt i was more interested in cafe racers since my childhood. I got job and I sold my bike at reasonable price and now planning to get a enfield, whereas the booking period is too high here in guwahati, assam.

    I had a few queries regarding the frame size and also the custom parts availability in india as i do not have any ideas regarding the availability.

    I would be very grateful to u if u would had helped for making a custom one……

    My mail id is “anupamfear@gmail.com”

    Please please revert back to me on my mail……..

    Thank You,
    Anupam Nath

  4. i have seen many small customization on bikes while visiting north east..they are pretty passionate…keep the good job up!

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