Mumbai based Ego Custom Wheels, Excellent venture with MTv Roadie’s Rannvijay

It all started with a love affair, a love affair with bikes. EGO Custom Wheels is the brainchild of Rannvijay Singha (participant and also the finalist in the first season of MTV Roadies ,2003), Jignesh Mistry and Akil. Ever since they can remember they have been bikers, bikers at heart and bikers by soul…That love and passion translated a dream into the enterprise that you see today. While they appreciated the modifications around them, an innate belief in themselves and their creativity pushed these maestros to create a space of their own where they could build what they envision, exactly the way they want to. Their visions and dreams are now coming true through molded metal, rubber and above all a rider’s heart.


The CREW today – RannVijay, Jignesh, Akil & Amit,– are a talented group of individuals who have come together to live a dream, a collective effort, to conceptualize and build the best wheels around. They are constantly pushing the envelope of creativity to ensure that you get exactly what you wanted. Not only do they welcome a challenge, they relish the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent to the world. Each masterpiece that they create is the result of months of hard work and toil, both physical and mental and each time they get their creative juices flowing, they create something which is celebrated not only in the present but will be appreciated even in the future.


The EGO team is on a mission… to blow your mind every time you even dare to glance at any one of their creations. So the real question is~ do you dare?


Ego’s Goal : Ego has its sights firmly set on establishing not only itself in the domestic market but also to put India on the international auto customization map. India has no dearth of auto modification and customization talent and EGO Custom Wheels has made their mission to prove it to the world.

One of the most famous creations of EGO Custom Wheels – customized for Mandesh Shetty (MTV Roadies & Splitsvilla)

You can reach them via
Jignesh mistry: 09819850069

 Photo courtesy: Ego Custom Wheels

We are thankful to Mr Manoj Menon for helping us to find them.

Source : Ego Custom Wheels

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7 thoughts on “Mumbai based Ego Custom Wheels, Excellent venture with MTv Roadie’s Rannvijay

  1. the one with girl….looks some original vintage one? or it was custiomized? if it was customized please share details (donor bike, custom charge)….

  2. Hi,
    I am saurabh. I own a classic 500.I have 3 requirenments.
    I am interested in changing the drive train for my bull if you can get it boosts the performance (minimize the difference in power at crank and rear wheel). Is it possible to make final drive as crank and not chain + reliable.
    I want a rear disc + CABS mounted.
    I need a 20lt fuel tank which must look exactly like the stock.
    quotation please

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