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Trojan horse is a Mumbai based Customizer. A team of engineers with a passion for motorcycles and custom motorcycles who want to help you make your bike look really cool or build you the coolest custom bike.

We may not be the coolest looking guys on the planet. We don’t care. Did Picasso or Mahatma Gandhi look cool? All we want is to give you the coolest ride out there. We can translate your character and needs into your bikes new identity.

Our family business is metal fabrication which gives us access to the necessary skills for customizing and a background for knowing how to make parts that others would find impossible.

You can contact them through the website.

NO cheap stuff” is our policy. Which is why our price are high but we don’t compromise with quality!! At Trogen horse customs, we think you deserve the best. And your bike has got to be the best. Of course, your budget is also considered by us very importantly!

We like the customer and their needs to be the centre of any purchase. Budgeting for your new bike is the most important step on road to a successful build.

Building or customizing a motorcycle will cost much of your hard earned money and we take a very practical approach to customizing. Budgeting is an essential aspect to determine 
 how much your plans will cost and 
 How much you want to spend.

3. Our basic model (Nestor) starts from 1.30 Lacs with your bike.

We will do our best to ensure the most cost effective solution to your needs are planned and agreed. Our knowledge will sometimes tell us to advise you not to proceed and at all times we will be open and honest with you.

We will give you a quotation and keep to it. Any changes during the work will be discussed and agreed to your satisfaction. We will agree a payment plan with you.

No job is too small for us. We are small enough to understand and deal with limited budgets and can respond as a big company should in relation to ambitious and more expensive designs.

You can sure give a call to them :

  • Gujarat : +91 98982 36300
  • Mumbai : +91 99870 66055

Please mention us ( when you contact Trojan Horse.

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9 thoughts on “Mumbai based customizers – Trojan Horse

  1. Hi,
    I am saurabh. I own a classic 500.I have 3 requirenments.
    I am interested in changing the drive train for my bull if you can get it boosts the performance (minimize the difference in power at crank and rear wheel). Is it possible to make final drive as crank and not chain + reliable.
    I want a rear disc + CABS mounted.
    I need a 20lt fuel tank which must look exactly like the stock.
    quotation please

  2. U should ride the bike brfeoe you put these kind of comments. U can find many 150CC bikes under 1Lakh, but those will not hav liquid cooling, DOHC engine, Fuel Injection and full fairing.

  3. Hii my name is meet I have classic 350 and want to Coustomise it in a chopper black Matt colour 3to4 halogen lamp and extremely high exhaust note and Coustom seat and back wheel huge and wide

  4. Hi
    I am Steve and want to get my Yezdi – 1975 reincarnated for my style…

    Can you guide me to get my dream on the road…

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