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We have been witnessed of many amazing and unbelievable customizations from the country’s most popular custom bike builder Rajputana Customs since 2010. This time they have got their hands on Harley Davidson Super Low 883 and have succeed exellently well  to execute another beautiful old school Chopper with their topnotch mechanism skill! However, this isn’t the first Harley which Rajputanas have customized. Previously, they have done great jobs on other Harley models and was appriceated wisely like everytime they build a bike! Jordaar – the customized Harley Davidson Super Low 883 was built for built for Mr. Deepinder Patwalia.

The custom motorcycle wears Renegade wheels of 23 inch rim size, Avon 130 – 23 tyres, Roland Sand Designs Air filter, Rocker Cover & Derby Cover, Zipper’s chain drive and Motogadget speedometer from Thunderbike Germany, for starters.

Other components like fuel tank, oil tank, front Linkage Suspension and custom leather seat with engraving, are all built specially for this model, named Jordaar by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles.

Stock Harley Davidson Superlow 883 has starting price tag of Rs. 6.31 lakhs, and comes with 120/70 ZR-18 59W tire on front and 150/60 ZR-17 66W at the rear. The 245 kg motorcycle right out of the assembly line has 17 litre fuel capacity and 2.6 litre oil capacity.

The engine is an air-cooled 883 cc unit capable of churning out 69 Nm peak torque @ 3,750 rpm, and delivering mileage of 17 kmpl (city and highway combined). The motor is mated to a 5-speed gearbox, sending power to the wheel by chain drive mechanism.

Photography: Anchit Natha

Pictures Courtesy : Rajputa Custom Motorcycles

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3 thoughts on “Modified Harley Davidson Super low 883 ~ Rajputana Customs

  1. This was a promotional bike and was priced for 16 lak, read somewhere. too expensive… but definately it’s worth spending over this beauty if you are a collector…

  2. This is a copy of the Award winning Cook Custom “Rambler” … look for Dave Cook Custom Motorcycles on the web.

  3. Nice art work, loved the way you execute it on a 883. But this is more like a concept bike. A good show off on road! (y)

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