Journey of Dochaki – Lokhand ~ on a 1985 CI Engine

The name itself defines the bike, “Lokhand” which is very commonly used in Maharashtra and found its root in Devnagri simply means Loha/Metal.

“We have built Lokhand from scratch in a little more than a month’s time for India Bike Week 2016, “Biker Build off Competition”. We didn’t win but it gave us a very big opportunity to create something I always wanted to build.

Since my early ages, I was always inspired from Indian Army, wanted to join, tried various times but failed. So I wanted to build something which shows our respect and captures the essence on Indian Army. Lokhand is our humble tribute and deepest respect to Indian Army and all the army Personal, ones who have fallen and ones who are guarding us.

While designing Lokhand we kept in mind the armored look of all the military vehicles and equipments, shapes are very geometrical yet very strong, all the parts on an army vehicle are purpose based, so we also try to incorporate in our Bike.

The Frame of Bike is made out of 8mm thick Cold Rolled Steel, Two Metal plates are welded together by Steel Pipes to provide the space for a Royal Enfield Cast Iron Engine, these tubes also helps the frame to flex during turning and riding. Frame itself acts as the Chassis as well as the Panels which covers the battery and other electrical parts. Frame has Holes on both sides through which the pipes are welded, it helps the frame to reduce the weight as well gives the feel of bullet holes.

Hand Crafted  Fuel tank is also part of the Frame; it’s the fourth removable member of the Chassis which means here is no separate backbone on this frame. Patrol tank is uniquely designed to give a feel of barrels and somewhere took inspiration from our fighter planes.

Patrol Cap is made out of Solid Metal Billet shaped and painted in the Indian Paratroopers Beret color.

Front Forks are Inverted Springer forks which are racked at an angle of 32 Degree giving an overall long look to the bike. Both front and rear tires house Disc Brakes. Headlight is equipped with the Metal Grill to protect the Headlight from any unwanted damage, Handle Bars are designed to go with the flow and lines of the overall bike, Speedometer is placed outside on sides, for better visibility and overall raw and function based approach.

Tail light itself is housed inside the Chassis just below the rider’s seat. Handmade front and rear mudguards have been designed to complete the muscular look of the bike.

The complicated 4 chamber box type Exhaust System is hidden within the frame exposing just 4 small pipes on both the sides just in ahead of the Foot Controls, generates a very subtle rumbling sound. The exhaust system is designed in such a way that it does not get very hot, and the rider’s feet do not get affected by the gases. The Wrap provided by good people of “Biker Soul” further helps to reduce the heat and also gives a fitting covered all weather look to the Bike.

Engine we have used on this bike is 1985 Royal Enfield Cast Iron Engine. Our in house Master technician Wahid Bhai has pumped up the old engine to balance the effect of bigger tires, we have also converted the existing wet clutch system into a dry clutch system for the better alignment of chain sprockets without disturbing the balance of the bike.

Color scheme for Lokhand is Matt Military Green with Golden Strips resembling the colors of the Force.

Everybody at Dochaki has worked tirelessly for many long days and Nights for this project, even we were working till the very last minute before the unveil of the Lokhand at India Bike Week.

But it all worth it.”


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6 thoughts on “Journey of Dochaki – Lokhand ~ on a 1985 CI Engine

  1. Thank you for the build, though I did not understand the artwork invested here, still I respect you build as it was inspired by Indian Army,

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s not only our tribute to the army. Even the engineering wise it is very unique the outer panels or plates itself is frame and the fuel tank itself is the removable load beae member of chassis. The whole theame of the bike is to have long strong armoured look, that tank is inspired by shape of the fighter jets and panels with cross on side is inspired from the markings and boxes on army vehicles. Every part has some meaning and design philosophy behind it.
      I know it does not look like any other bike because it is not any other bike it’s one of a kind.

  2. This is not a bike to ride….i salute your effort but couldn’t appreciate it in term of a comfort ride.

    1. Thank you for your comment . This bike definitely not for long rides, it’s a tribute bike. Still you can easily go upto 50km without any problem..the ergonomics is not very drastic.. It’s a mix of chopper with prostreet bike…

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