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Honestly I was not enjoying the climate outside since this summer was started, and if you live in North India, I’m pretty sure you’re not having much fun with the weather. Since we have no other option than to bear the climate, let’s switch to our topic, Custom Motorcycles. Yes, the winter is extra cold, the summer is over heated, and the Motorcycle fans are extra fanatic, in the Capital, Delhi. Our friend Manoj Menon helped us again to find another impressive Motorcycle Modifier in the city Delhi, Indian Choppers.  Indian Choppers is a company of modification and designing of Bikes and Cars, established in year 2001. It has over 2000 clints in all over Asia. Modified bikes have been a craze for younger people from the very decade of the invention of this wonder machine. In Indian Choppers Bikes are being modified, designed and graphic into different shapes and looks. There are certain reasons behind the tendency of bike modification. Bikes and Cars, most of the times, are meant for younger people who always prefer changes and are eager to look different. Another reason behind bike modification is bikes are comparatively cheaper to modify. It is a fact that most of the modified bikes are imitations of super-bikes. Younger people like to grab the attraction from the society, riding super-bikes.

Bobby Designer found on the principle that motorcycle enthusiasts, like ourselves, need a variety of graphics and design options to make bikes look extraordinary Cruisers, Sportbikes and Race bikes at Indian Choppers.

Bobby makes graphic accent kits, modification and designing for a wide variety of Bikes and Cars. Bobby has over 12 years experience in this field. On a note he told to that he works all individually with no team!Indian-Choppers-Motorcycle-Modification

Time taken to modify such a nice beauty is no more than 20 to 60 days. You may hit him with your old Royal Enfield or also Boddy offers you a complete custom chopper, including a new donor bike, in case you want. On another note Bobby shared about the specility of Indian Choppers “our engine dummy is exactly v-twin engine,our time period is much less than others,no compromise with shape or bodyline it is exactly the same as the real one also you cannot find bikes side stand as i make it is totally different”


Cost of customizing varies with chopper’s look, 1.20 lakhs to 3 lakhs.

Contact : Mr. Bobby
Mobile No. :+91- 9213932808, 09871701677
Address : A-23, Old Govindpura, Parwana Road, Near Preet Vihar
Delhi 110051
Email Id :,

Image Courtesy : Indian Choppers

Please mention us ( when you contact Indian Choppers.

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86 thoughts on “Indian Choppers, get your motorcycle customized

  1. awesome yaar indian choppers want to catch them one can not guess is this modification or original chopper. great modification havent seen before anywhere. given very great information about indian choppers.

  2. i won’t really mind having a false cover if they don’t interfere the performance,…! but then still i would proud to display a RE engine instead of anything wannabe.
    anyway….liked the custom jobs… 🙂 hope someday i’ll get them…

  3. sir, mera buchpn se cars & bikes designing ka shonk raha he. pr me ek comrs student hun or mujhe engn work nahi ata he…or mere pas apne bnaye hue kafi designs he…mujhe smjh nahi aa raha mujhe kya krna chahiye.? my cont. no.- +919736366369

  4. @Indian Choppers———-wt have u done in these bikes is just fitted engine,,,,,,,,,,,,,these bikes are available in china @ 30,000 only and they are with 49 cc engine only which let him import the bike without any excise duty ( any bike imported in India with engine capacity less then 50 cc is free from tax)….. and he is showing off like he built these bike by him self

    1. dude BHUPI apply little bit of brains
      do u think a 50 cc engine would be able to pull a huge 200kg frame of a chopper
      i think before blaming indian choppers u should correct ur information that there is no such thing in china

  5. hi bhupi i think u have no knowledge about any kind of bike neither indian nor imported. even u dont know anythibg about custom bikes. the cost of a customized bike tyre is more than 30,000, these are imported tyres not chinese. we have pics and videos of making of all our custom bikes nobody can blame us. we can show u, if u have guts u prove ur truth to us.our all over india customers r proof to this.plz dont try to misguide others.

  6. hi guys this is from makers of indian choppers visit my website & see my new collection of choppers & sports in choppers gallery i have introduced- black hawk, rock star, sea hawk & in sports gallery u find my new dragon busa.

  7. well guys i really loved the pics of the bike sea hawk and im willing to get my bullet modified like that buti need approx amount …..+ in your sports section i saw couple of copied pictures from the metal leopard website…

  8. HI guys i dont copy any others bike pics, i am well capable to make my own designs. actually some other persons of my line are coping my pics of my website i have no need to copy others.& also pics on his home page & custom chopper are mine these pics u can see are of my work shop & out side my work shop in DELHI & he is in KERALA how is it possible.

  9. i luv bikes …..mujhe ap ki modification bahot pasand hai…mujhe bhe apki black wale bike jaise bike modified karane hai………….can u tell me the price……….?

  10. wt is the minimum cost of modifying a bike to chopper bike… with a bullet of mine? and of yours? and wer is ur shop xactly located?

  11. @indian choppers…
    your bikes are GREAT….
    can you please tell the prices of your new bikes black hawk, rock star, sea hawk
    and also the time taken to make such great bikes…

  12. Cheers Indian Choppers 🙂
    i accept with all your comments, and am seriously in need of a customised bike of yours.,.:)
    So can you please mention me the price list of the bike which u’ve modified already,.
    1) Blue Thunder
    3)Sea Hawk
    definately am about to take 1 of this, if the price is affordable .,
    Thanks Bobby .,:) 🙂

  13. Hi indian choppers u r really fabulous guys.hats off for ur hard and intelligent work.No one can deny ur hard work and trust which u made.
    I deeply appreciate ur modified designs.
    I owe 500cc re turquise green colour.Can u plz advice me to modify it as chopper or any better advise to owe a chopper
    Awaiting for ur reply..
    once again hats off for u guys

  14. hi chopper guys
    i would like to thank u for giving india such a great motor cycles
    i would like to own a 500 cc muscle harly model
    would u please give me the correct rate of the byk

  15. hi chopper guys
    i would like to thank u for giving India such a great motor cycles
    i would like to own a 500 cc muscle harly model
    would u please give me the correct rate of that

  16. Hi Indian Choppers,
    I am really interested in getting my bike modified (Pulsar 150), but want to go for Hayabusa look. Most of the bikes i seen on you’r portal seems like chopper. can you advise about Busa modification over Pulsar.

    Sorry, forgot to mentioned very good designs. Cheers Carry on Punjabiyon…!!!
    Thanks, Gandharv

  17. Hey! Indian Choppers can u tell us Wat’s the price of ur bikes…..
    They r beauties but without reasonable price we can not get 1 of those beauties..

  18. U already written the price starts from 1.20 lakh ,but if u try to give us 1 of these beauties less than 1 lakh it will be every gud….

  19. hey choppers ! i really got fascinated n excited after seeing your customs .. they are so cool ! awesome work guys … really hats off for u ! all best wishes
    my father had a yezdi long years back.. in his 90’s…. thats in our junk yard … after seeing all these i am too eager to get my father’s bike customed n gift him on his b’day most probably if u guys can help me out with it… d problem dat lies here is ,i stay at orissa n i dont know how to reach my bike to you guys .. please help me out n i would be really glad if u send me the price list of customization especially that black one ! ..
    please bother to give me a reply on my email .. cheers ! 🙂

  20. Ur Indian choppers design is awsm..I hav royal enfield -350,1990 model can i modify that like chopper (black) how much cost i hav to pay for it…

  21. i want my bike to modify royal enefield to chopper as fast as possible.please any one who modifes please call me at 97577212867

  22. Hi Bobby,

    I have 1970 model Royal En field and I would like to customize it. Could you please send me the price list and photos which you modified so far

    1) Blue Thunder
    3)Sea Hawk

  23. man you have killed a royal engine with disgusting fake covers??!!!!! stop for fuck’s sake…………

  24. Bobby is a wonderful guy…hes really doing gd job…I met him n saw how he personally does all customizations, soon ill gt my classic 350 transformed…

  25. Hi,
    I would like modifed my New Bajaj Avenger 220cc Bike……so please let me know What will be the price of a modified Bajaj Avenger ?
    Fully loaded…like a Harley Davidson.

  26. sir i want 2 modify my avenger 220 with single sit n with a wide rear wheel and also change the handle bar with a v designd bar what would b the price can u tel its urjent my dad gong 2 sel it but i don want pls reply sun

  27. hello sir, your designs are really awesome…i just love them n i want to know about the cost of the black hawk……plz rply i will be waiting…..

    1. @ Indian Chopper

      I like your black mumba alot and you are doing a great job buddy but i need a modified chopper which is around 1,50,000/-


  28. Dear Brothers,
    It takes nothing less than an eye of an true artist to create machines that makes a statement. Custom build is not just throwin in part ya’ll find and paintin the bike blue.. Its craftmanship translated to masterpeice… Im from metro chennai n harleys and enfields rule here.. But ive got some designs that will give them a run for thier money… More?……peace..

  29. Hello indian choppers my name is vinay gahlot i want your esteemed institution to modify my bullet 350 into chopper because i want to gift it to my father on the accassion of his birthday. My father is a renowned bodybuilder 5 times mr.india and asian champion his name is mukesh singh. I want you guyz to take this project and make it as bold as my father so suggest me reagrding this your regards VINAY

  30. Hey.. Indian Choppers… i feel like you all have Heavenly-Bikes… m just 😍…. i wanna copy your designs… Guys you are really Fantastic.. 😱😱😘 .. . .
    .. by the way, i gonna try modifying my papa’s bike.. lol it is TVS Centra.. but then too.. will try to modify it… inspired by you all . Indian Choppers.. !! 😳👌..

  31. sir great work , hats off, m from Bangalore, I hav bajaj pulsar can it be customised to hayabusa??if yescan u tell the cost of it??

  32. Dude …I want one …no matter how much it cost ….even if it’s in crores not a big deal for me….how should I contact u ..??

  33. Hey Bobby!!!
    Cud u plzz tell me the price of bike “Rogue”?
    (Cost of customisation plus old bike..i have no old royal enfield)

  34. Hey bobby you have been doing a great job with these bikes and i think they are just fabulous.But i wanted to know the cost of your recent WONDER’ll be very kind of you.

  35. Hello sir may ek AME ka student hun mayne Auto mobile se Diploma kya h kya aap k paas aa kr may v kuch Sikh skta hun sir itna padhne k baad v jobs nhi milte h
    my contact no-8651754029

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