Icarus – Thunderbird 350 Vintage Bobber by Bulleteer Customs

Each motorcyclists  have their own fantasy of what a one-off bike should look like. And when it comes to customizing the stock bike, each of own have their own preferences in terms of style, comfort and uniqueness.  Well, there are plenty options when you decide to custom a bike – a all territory scrambler to a multiple typed of highway cruiser , and a bobber is one of the most popular choice among all. A bobber retains almost major basic features of the original bike and offers a great canvas for one’s personal style statement. In one word, bobbers are clean, handy, stylish and unique on road, which is the key demand of any custom motorcycle. Today we have a great example of one such clean bobber, based on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc by Bulleteer Customs of Bangalore.


Ricardo Pereira, director of Bulleteer Customs shared few words on the bike with us, “We are too and here’s ICARUS of each of our best vintage bobbers yet , this one started life as a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc and now she’s a 140mm front and rear tyred old school treat , the bikes been given a mild power mod to overcome the drag from the the two fatty tyres but I never expected it to be as fast as it is right now , was pleasantly surprised by the dollops of power she’s putting out.
Inspired by the old American bobbers and a bit of British WWII styling this machine is one that makes you fall in love with the simple old school world again ! 


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Photography Courtesy : Bulleteer Customs

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  1. Hi, this looks amazing. I mean really amazing, I would love to buy one of these do let me know how and when and what will be the price for this or any other similar.

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