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I’m a very self obsessed guy who loves upmost appreciation. At the same time I feel majestic for the generous support of the bike builders for keeping this blog alive. Here we have one more – from the city of pearls, nawabs – Hyderabad , Deccan Custom Motorcycles. A modified Bajaj Avenger Avenger was the first showcase from them. If you remember we earlier had published another modified Bajaj Avenger and had a great response and we expect the same from the new one as well.

Mohit, the guy from Deccan Custom Motorcycles shared the building journey with us ”  I would like to share my story with you, Believe me ! The love for making a motorcycles can take you a long way, you will be facing new challenges everyday overcoming new obstacles everytime ,dirtying your cloths every now and then , but at the end of the day you will be left with only 3 words and a smile on your face which says “ITS WORTH IT” My love for custom motorcycles started watching THE UNDERTAKER with his custom Choppers making a grand entry to the ring(In those days it was something I could wait an entire week to watch) . Ya I know nothing beats Royal Enfield but the Bajaj Avenger is a pretty decent cruiser and provides a good support for customization. My first experiment with Avenger started with my own bike (ofcourse no one will give you a doner bike unless they see what are you capable of) earlier I did only a partial customization and then a complete makeover there were many trail and error that taught me a lot of lessons. I put in all my savings for getting the desired results and guess what it was much better than what expected. Looking at that I got my first client but sending the bike from Chhattisghar to Hyderabad was a typical task thus I drove it all the way 600km to give it a custom makeover.

After a lot of research and making end number of skeches and designs we finalized on one and named it SHADOW-220 in memory of the owner’s pet dog named Shadow. It took me almost 2 months of restless days and sleepless nights to bring it to life. Almost all the parts has been custom made right from the front wheel to the tail light, Some of the highlights features include The dual headlamp,The 80 spokes Rims, Twin Barell exaust and much more, After this we also got our another client with an avenger and this time we will try to improve and give the best possible, Am also glad to share our page with you Keep Riding #
Mohit from Deccan Custom Motorcycles

Contact Info

Mohit Chawda
Deccan Custom Motorcycles
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500027
Phone : 077 02 945787


Photo and Info : Deccan Custom Motorcycles

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27 thoughts on “Modified Bajaj Avenger ~ Deccan Custom Motorcycles

  1. Awesome looks, especially the spokes, tank and exhaust are killer looks. I love to have mine to custom-ed from you. Keep up the great work and keep rocking.

      1. Hi , Awesome modification . I too want to go for modification of Classic 350 . Is it possible ? I am very much interested .
        What is the aggregate cost to go for modification like above bikes…. ??

  2. i want my avenger same…how can i get such rear mudguard and that handlebar?? and can a twin seat be installed…? 80 spokes rim and will be the cost for the modification

  3. Hi let me know the the modification price and your availability in north india as well. Color /chassis No/ Engine no should be same.

  4. Hi .. Awesome modification . I too want to go for modification of Classic 350. Is it possible ?

    What is the aggregate cost to go for modification like above bikes…. ??

    give me the detailed aggregate cost for modification of avenger also…

  5. The design is amazing , I love it personally , Mohit great job buddy , only a guy with a vision can do a job like this . Keep it up ! I want to custom my thinderbird 500 please get in touch with me.

  6. Hi I want to change my karizma r look I want to get it modified as chopper or normal like tank seat headlights etc can I know is it possible to change by bike like dat nd I have my old model rajdoot gts bobby can u modify it like dat

  7. Really great job.. Personally i like your modification.. Bt you must also give the back view modification of this avenger… So its my requst you to post the picture of back view dat is the tail lamp of ur modified avenger..
    And i also want to modify my avenger.. Its 220street. So what is the procedure?? Bcoz m from Pune.

  8. I just bought new avenger 220 cruise aand i would like to get it modified…so if u can help me with it please let me know…

  9. Royal Enfields are made for fagbois like the one who wrote this shitty post.
    “Nothing beats Royal Enfield” LAUGHABLE, bitch. REs are Stone Age garbage scrap metal.

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