Street Bobber from Bull City Customs – Delhi

I will never be ashamed of accepting the fact that the blogs like Pipeburn, ReturnToCafeRacer are the ultimate inspiration for me, I keep following them for new motorcycles concepts or sometimes just to enjoy my beer staring the awesome Motographs! On a gun point I will even conface that I did steel few bike strories from them, especially when they feature Royal Enfields! And again, with a humble heart I would again committe the jovial sin for Reginald’s bike, who described his bike building journey to Pipeburn.

Reginald Hilt lives in New Delhi, a Fashion Designer by profession and  run a buying agency for the Japanese Market. He’s building bikes since 2011 and named his workshop Bull City Customs. About this 2003’s Electra 350cc,  which is transformed into a  Street Bobber, he described the tech specs on Pipeburn in details, “The modifications are quite extensive. There’s a 22 Litre custom-built fuel tank, custom triples with risers, pro-racer handle bars, brass-customised grips, and brass break and clutch levers. The headlight is an old aluminium fog light. The rear wheel is off of a CBZ Honda. Rubber is Dunlop Monsters. The fenders are hand-built, along with the battery and toolbox. The seat is also custom, with a spring underneath. The carb’s a Mikuni and the filters are K&Ns.”  You can read his entire journey on Pipeburn. Image courtesy – Reginald Hilt/Pipeburn.

Contact Bull City Customs #

Phone # 9650840527
Email –
Address- bullcitycustoms workshop, near Ghitorni metro station, pillar no. 125,
Ghitorni, New Delhi-110030

Photo and Info : Bull City Customs

Note : Please mention us ( when you contact Bull City Customs.

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11 thoughts on “Street Bobber from Bull City Customs – Delhi

  1. simply and beautified, could you please tell me which rear tyre you have used, along with avaibility and price. Thanks.

  2. I love those Bullet era with right side gear shift, with no mess up this one look clean and gentle. carry on folks @ BCC.

  3. sweet the paint job… rear shock mounting… the shortend front fender…looks a great start for bull city guys….wish to see more in future…thumbs uPPP!!

  4. Hi Guys,

    Appreciate the quality and good work done by you guys.

    I have a certain build in mind and i have initiated it myself without much help. Would like to use your expertise to finish the job. Some bodywork and then of course mirror finish glossy block paint job.

    Would you please let me know if you would have time to take up the job and then may be i can visit you in person and take it forward from there.

    Ride Safe.


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