The “Monk” brat ~ Karizma by Hindustan Customs

Although there is a lot of information on several kind of bike being built out there but what is missing here is a a lot of tidings over brat style bikes! Yes there are few, indeed very few we witness them here on and fewer on roads! Long slab seat, short rear fender, riser or clip on handle bars, off road or street tires, high pipes or low pipes. The brat style is pretty open ended when it comes to conforming to a set look. Usually a scrambler / bobber hybrid if you will, but they take their features from many different style of bikes. They can be based around most motorcycles and are the perfect all rounder if your torn between two styles, and want the best of both worlds.

“The Monk” as the name suggests means a writer of his own faith ! This is a 2002 Karizma modified by Hindustan Customs (earlier known as Crossover Customs) into a Brat styled bike. It’s a new concept among the trend of Cafe Racer’s going on. The owner of Hindustan Customs Änimesh Sharan” got into this while working on the famous cafe racerThe Little Boy” which has recently been selected by top 10 cafe racer designs in India.

For this bike he and his technician wanted to go to the next level so they designed something which was pretty impossible to many of the people. But with clear vision and sound technical knowledge they made it possible. With the combination of matt black, silver and gold, the bike looks amazing and has attracted many eyes. It took Animesh 3 months to make this bike into what it is right now. Presently Animesh is in United States for his master’s and learn more about bikes, still he is designing the bikes from there as per orders of the customer and his technician makes it possible.
The MONK has tank analogue integrated meter and fuel meter, yes it’s on the tank !! It has customized tail lights and headlights. The side grill has blue lights which looks amazing at night. They have used a wrap around cobra silencer which gives the bike a boost. The bike also has racing spark plugs and performance filter which peeps out of the grill. It also has inverted rear breaks which makes it safe for rough terrain. The customer also got personalized bike matching sporty helmet. The seat has been changed into a typical brat design.


Animesh Sharan
Email :
Sadar, Mount Road, Nagpur, India 440014
Call: +1 817-903-6405 (The builder is currently in US and reachable via Whatsapp)

Pictures Courtesy: Hindustan Customs

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