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Multi award-winning Brass Balls Bobbers, of Darwin Motorcycles, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, partners with some of the best companies in the industry and uses the highest quality components in building Brass Balls bobbers and choppers. As a federally licensed manufacturer, Brass Balls is listed with both NADA and the Kelley Blue Book. Owner Dar Holdsworth has a catch phrase: “The above average bike for the average Joe” and it couldn’t be more accurate. An “average Joe” himself, Dar served in Desert Storm and fully supports the American workforce and salutes the American soldier. Upon his own return from military duty, he started his own visual/design business, providing signage, displays and fixtures to the retail industry, which met with great success. But in the back of his mind, his dream had always been to build motorcycles. “I’ve always been a motorcycle and car guy,” Dar said. “I started hanging out at Racing Innovations in Oklahoma City.” He credits Racing Innovations owner Sam Wills with teaching him how to build a bike and let him carve out space in the corner of Racing Innovations. “After some successful builds, I wanted to build something for my dad but I didn’t know what,” Dar explained. “Sam had built this Old School chassis and put an Indian motor in it. As soon as I saw it I said, ‘That is what I need to build for my dad.’ ”

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Brass Balls Bobbers are built by Darwin Motorcycles, LLC. “The above average bikes for the average Joe”. Brass Balls Bobbers are built in a 10,000 square foot facility by builders and fabricators with over 60 years combined experience, utilizing modern manufacturing processes and equipment, headed up by a former TOP FUEL CHAMPION & Master Builder (Sam Wills) and Creative Mastermind (Dar Holdsworth).

Brass Balls Bobbers are Federally licensed, Kelly Blue Book listed and warranted. “Our commitment to our customers is to make our bikes very cool, affordable, easy to insure, fun to ride, and built to top quality & safety standards,” Dar said. “We encourage our customers to be involved in the development of their bike using our “build your bike” section on web site. A customer can virtually build their bike on-line and submit their build sheet to us to create a Brass Balls Bobber that is uniquely their own. We are committed to a fanatical, satisfying customer experience.”

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Corporate Headquarters
501 East 15th Street,Suite 102 B
Edmond, OK 73013

Manufacturing Facility
13613 Eskridge Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Phone: 405.270.0995

Fax: 405.359.5956

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