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When an artist performs so spectacularly that he’s called out on stage to please the crowd again, it’s called an encore. It’s the same artist, doing what he’s famous for, but the crowd can’t get enough, so he obliges with more of the performance.

Puranam Designs, based on Visakhapatnam, surprised us earlier with a bobbed Thunderbird, is has reveiled their another decent build: Bodypower, looks catchy!

Bodypower Motorcycle - Puranam Designs 2

Sharing with”Bodypower”, Santosh, former of the bikw building workshop reveiled  “the name has got muscle, power and ruggedness. That was the base we thought when such a international brand in fitness world approached us to do a motorcycle. The theme colors were black, yellow and a few finishes like crome, grey matt finish you see when you hit a gym.” Bodypower Motorcycle - Puranam Designs 3

Took lot of time and effort to meticulously articulate all the elements of the gym and incorporate in the design. It was more challenging to exactly replicate in the actual motorcycle. Hope we did an honest justice with the name

Bodypower Motorcycle - Puranam Designs 4

However if you are located in the city Kolkata, you might hit the newly opened restaurant “Bikers cafe” at Elgin road, where they have a Puranam Designs’s custom bike showcased. Have some decent food and enjoy the bike there!

Bodypower Motorcycle - Puranam Designs 1

Puranam Designs is available for you on the following contact details#

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  1. the bik overall looks cool, but i suspect the wheels cause huge negetive performance…also they don’t suit wid traditional bobber…????

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