Bobber 13 – This is what a Bajaj Avenger turned into!

Passion –  is what one needs to build a great custom bike from an average donor bike. Bajaj Avenger 220 is a popular bike among youths here who look for a bit of cruiser styling but not a regular choice for a custom project, at least we feel. However we showcase stories here from amateur builders, and believe they definitely inspire others to come up with more builds. Today we have in our bucket is a modified Bajaj Avenger 220, shaped into a mini bobber by one amateur guy Nikhil, in B’lore!

“I am Nikhil..basically from Pune, currently living in Bangalore from past 7 years. From my childhood I was passionate about bikes n cars. From past 2 years I developed taste into bobbers n cafe racer n that is when my dream project of building a customized bobber started.

At that time I was looking into various bikes which I can modify, and finalized Bajaj avenger 220. The reason behind  modifying Bajaj Aveger 220 is that everybody was modifying Enfield and I was challenged by 1 of the customizer that you cannot do a good job with avenger 220. I did a lot of research on this bike and I realize that I can utilize the bike very well for my modification.

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The first most thing I did was I came up with my design in Photoshop. Then I started looking for fabricators or tinkering guys who could satisfy my needs. Finally I found one  tinkering guy called Mutthu who could do fabrication for me

I picked up a second hand avenger 220 and the real work started from last 3 months. Initially started work from fuel tank den rear n front fender den seat.

I had to design my rear fender 2 times. And Mr. Mutthu delivered the work to my expectation which I’m very thankful to him..

The last thing was to decide on the paint job which I preferred matte black for fuel tank, fenders, meter and front head light.. I named my bike as “13” since my birth date is 13. And this is a gift for my wife DJ Waluscha as she is also very passionate about bikes. Finally today my dream has come true..please find photos attached..bare with spellings mistakes ..thanks for posting it..Nikhil 🙂

Modified Fuel tank, fenders, Tail lamp, exhaust, seat, handle bar and rest of the bike is stock.”



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81 thoughts on “Bobber 13 – This is what a Bajaj Avenger turned into!

      1. hi dude i don’t wanted read any comment but tell u the true i will like to have that bike so if ur looking for sailing or modifying other ple call me or let me known how do i need to contact u ……7093257771

    1. @avenger fan # not commenting this modification neither on an avenger…but involving rx100 is pretty disgusting…dude if u know bike history then stop talking on RX100 wid some regular bikes…

      1. Hi Nikhil,
        1st of all .. Hatss off!!1 bike looks pretty neat and awsm!! 🙂
        Could you please share the exact shop address?I am in bangalore too and wanna get something similar on an Avenger too.

        my Mail Id is:

  1. i liked the modification…it now looks way better that what a avenger look like….the color is classy..and yes a smaller seat would add much of what a bobber shall be….

  2. Man !! i have no words. u have made what exactly i wanted.
    i m going to buy a second hand avenger and make it the same.
    hats off.

  3. I hope u wld added some chrome part bcoz cruiser luk mre gud in chrome. no megwheels again disappointment i wld suggest u 2 cum mumbai n cum 2 my mechanin .i gt lots of attravtive stuff dat can make ur modified bike luk wow

  4. dear this bike doesnt looks like a bobber. modification is ok, but u need to know
    first that how bobber actually look like. there are some point are considered at the tym of building an bobber.the actual bobber dont have rear sus, as the rear wheel is directly mounted on rigid chassis. at the front springer front end is used with no front fender. only at the rear is used. the tank which u have tried lyk harley sportster which doesnt looks nice.

  5. Bro… I appreciate the hard work you have put in this bike and i like your modification. I couldn’t imagine that avenger could be turned into this awesome bike. Nice work and matte black looks cool.

  6. Dude.. u know wad.. u jus fucked the avenger, n after fucking d results r damn good.. i liked d modification.. i jus wanted to know d cost.. other thingz in complimemtz i guess u already might hav recieved from many.. plz lemme kno about the cost..

  7. Hi guys,
    Thank a lot for all your comments, positive as well as negative….
    this modification costed me arround 70K excluding the bike price…


    1. Hi bro..
      I own a bajaj avenger red colour..I live in noida..
      I m quite passionate about bikes..saw ur 13 PIC n m loving it. I also want my bike modified… Could you do it fr me..if yes send me costing ….
      Please please do it fr my STORM as well.


    2. Hi Nikil

      This is Nandu Kumar past 1 year am looking for mechanic who can modify with fine finishing which can look like Harley Davidson iron 883.. I think u have chosen the best guy to modify.. I think tis mechanic can do the best to my needs.. Am requesting u to give me his number.. Please bro.. Do me a favour.. Give me mechanic number. I will b waiting for ur response thanks

    3. Hello brother,
      i am living nagpur. i am also looking for modifying my Avenger like urs. But expenditure u mentioned i.e. 70K is bit too much for me. If u can just suggest me how i can get fuel tank exactly like urs? and rest i can manage at Nagpur only.

    4. Hi Nikhil,
      The bike looks superb.Need to customize my bike as well.I stay in Bangalore too.Please do let me know where I can get things done for my bike.My no 8884866631

  8. Hi Nikhil,

    First thing first.. Ur bike blown me.. What a word man !!!
    I do own Avenger 220 and looking for mod but as you said most of the guys out there in cmy ity (Chennai) prefer RE but you showed what “We Can” if we wanted it really.. Would you mind adding more details on 1) What paint and painting process 2) Rear fender and Tank ?

  9. Bro. I love ur modification. Its really super cool. I also have avenger. Its been 2 years m drivin dis. N still its driving makes me crazy. I really want to improve dis sensation. Please help me I really want to do modify my bike. Its my no. 9815749649 . M desperately waiting for ur cal or msg.

  10. Loved it bro!! the best modification for avenger. i bought it 2 years ago now it has become a boring shit for me.. but after looking at ur creation i cant stop myself plz let me know how can i get this done for my bike as well. its the best modification i hv ever seen for avenger. awesome work..

  11. Hi Dude ,
    U Did an Awesome work it dose look like a good bobber,i too have an red Avenger 220 i would like to Coustomise it in the same manner & need ur help i stay in Mysore,Karnataka my mb no :9008489226
    Plz call me

  12. hey nikhil nice work on Avanger
    I have also Avanger and i also want to modifying like you can you give me some tips.
    And i want a fule tank also so please tell me all about it
    Give me your no. I will call you.. plese

  13. Dude! Ignore the haters! I have an Avenger 180 that I have been wondering how to customise… I had almost given up but then I saw your ride… That is seriously cool!
    I hear the guys about an old school seat, but it’s not their ass soaking up the miles! Matt black is totally sick! I’ll try post pics when I’m done…

    So from sunny South Africa… Ride long – Ride hard!

  14. Bro,
    An Avenger is all about its Crome. You fucked the crome mate.

    If you wanted a yamaha or some sports bike, then thats what you got.

    Further more, u made a bachelors bike, who are you looking to attract, other men??
    A woman is not going to sit on it, and neither is a saddle bag going to fit on it.

    I modified my Bajaj Avenger with Leather bags, leather seat cover, a complete leather Tank Cover, and a leather cover for the speed gauge, it looks bad ass, and maintained the integrity of the crome. Next to my bike, other avengers look like teenagers.

    When I ride, it sells sexy, your bike sells piss, costs too much on an already expensive bike. I paid a total of 2000 Rs extra, and every one wants to copy it and already has.

    Dont modify bikes anymore. If your looking to rape the integrity of crome, then fuck off from the bikers club. Crome is one of the prime reasons, people chase after bikes…NOT BLACK you moron.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Hey sick dick crome fucker y don’t u shove ur corms in ur ass. You hv no right to talk abt this cool modification as u don’t know to respect…. this is the coolest modification i hv seen on the avenger bike and matte black is awesome.

      if ur corme bike is so good y its not on the… i am sure its a piece of shit and ur boasting for it… post some pics asshole and lets see wt comments u get for ur crome modification… The bobber 13 is already appreciated by many..

    2. Please send some pics of your bike. I have Avenger 150 street. Please suggest some modifications. I don’t want to loose the originality. The only lag I feel in my bike is rear brakes.


  15. Nikhil u have shocked me with the design. Man u did a splendid job. The bike talks about ur respect. HATS off…. I need the respected fabricator’ number. Can you please provide me with the same? I would like to meet him. Thank you… . And once again the Avenger is REBORN.
    My number is 8421222311

  16. It’s one of the best modification I ever saw…. I too have avenger 220. I would also like to modify my bike. My no 8281927717

  17. Oh….. Its really an awesome modification.
    I have a Avenger, and i would like to modify that…
    Where from you get that fuel tank…i mean which bike’s ?

  18. Hy nickel I want avenger which pics u have a uploaded if u are having it tell me the amount or if u are not having it then tell me what’s the cost to modify bajaj avenger to harley.

  19. Dude …I could do this modification for 7k…..& you are asking 70 k for…it..???? With that budget I would make a real bobber out of it..and I mean it…
    Good luck it bro….

  20. Hi Nikhil

    Your work is too good and fabulous. I’m looking forward to modify my bike.kindly pin me your number on ( 09503513129 )

  21. Hi I own a Bajaj AVENGER 220 and i am looking to install a Tail gunner
    exhaust so will you guys please tell me what is the risk.


  22. hiii dude…
    i like the silver sailor bobber edition of bajaj avenger 220…could you pls let me know the availabity and more information about that….

  23. Hi,

    I am interested in modifying my Avenger 220. My email id is Please do contact me

  24. Can u please help me to find the Single seat exactly same what u have used on this Avenger, if it possible kindly share ur phone number, I am from bangalore

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