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If you are one like me, like you love to try out new foods, taste different flavours and your gastronomical experience is greater than any other, not at all finicky about your food and you just want to explore! You might be wondering if I’m hell drunk writting this since this is not really a food classified blog!!! Well, let me connect – there’s a Branch of Biker’s Cafe, a Cafe with biking ambience serve good food (no beer sorry), is opened this year in Kolkata (First Floor, Platinum Mall, 31, Elgin), showcasing a super cool Chopper to display modded by Puranam Design, if you read our blog you might met them here before for their previous builds like Aks or BodypowerMotorcycle etc, for those who aren’t familiar with the workshop – Puranam Design is a bike workshop base on Visakhapatnam , building nice bikes in past years.

The donor bike for the chopper was a 500cc Royal Enfield, apart from the UCE engine the entire bike was restored. Automobiles was always a major interest and passion for P Santosh Kumar, the former of Puranam Design, since an early age of 5. Sketching, painting, building models of various cars and motorcycle had been a childhood hobby. With time and age, this interest and passion grew at multiple degrees and somewhere a small seed for customizing vehicles was germinated. It took lot of research, observation and effort to study the various aspects of customising out of pure passion as a pastime. Finally at a stage in life arrived when it was time to take en route. It was a very tough and bold decision to change path from a career in finance to following a dream. This was a stage when a name called Puranam Designs was born. You may call Santosh for more info or if you’re willing to have your bike restored.

Phone: +918790176059 (P Santosh Kumar)
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Photo and Info : Puranam Designs

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  1. i was in that cafe months back…saw the bike…looks hell awesome…can you share the costing to modify a bullet something like this?

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