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If you are one like who keeps searching Indian on bike building articles here and there and consider yourself a minimal bike geek, you would definitely noticed there’s a trends currently taking the custom bike scene by storm is the re-emergence of the scrambler by well respected workshops. The Scrambler is my favorite of the retro classic line up. It’s strikingly good-looking, f*cking stylish and reliable for what every moto-enthusiasts dreams for – offloading in all territory! Fortunately we are happy to see number of Scramblers are being modded by various builders and building surprisingly decent scramblers using most regular engines out the market ~ like what Dochaki Designs built from a 100cc Bajaj KB100!

Bajaj KB100 Scrambler ~ Dochaki Designs in Pune


Describing the custom Anupam Singh Parihar from team  Dochaki shared to “Donor bike was the underdogs of its time…KB100.. This 2 stroke machine was sitting in the garage of the owner, for quite some time in non running condition. Some parts inside the engine need to be changed and repaired, and then it came back to life. Initially we were confused which way we want to go, either a cafe racer or a scrambler. but after discussion with the client and understanding its requirements and liking, we finalized on a scrambler.

After finalizing the type we have worked on the design sketches to get a basic idea to direction we want to go. The design approach we took is more of geometric shapes like square lines and circles yet keeping the design different.

Once the design is approved by the owner. Complete bike has been disassembled to bare frame and Engine. Then we started the chopping and welding on the frame to give the desired Wheelbase and overall length of the bike. New Tires with deep groove treads (for good On and Off road Grip) has been ordered and assembled in to the frame.

Once we were satisfied with the overall dimensions, we started the fabrication of panels like new patrol tank, seat pan, Side panels, headlight, tail lights , handle bars, exhaust have to be opened and welded and re welded 3-4 times to get the correct look with the right sound.

All the Body Panels are hand crafted by our metal artists from raw metal sheets to give the desired curves and lines. We have to constantly check the panels with the chassis and engine for any fouling and proper working with other surrounding parts. Handle bars gave a real headache, have to done thrice for proper ride height and movement, Light mountings are design and built to accommodate the lights as well as the grills to protect the lens while offroading Once all the parts have been handcrafted the complete bike has been mocked up and checked for any foul or problems. After checking that the bike has been completely disassembled to last nut and bolt and all respective parts has gone for powder coat, and paint.
The color scheme of this bike has all matt warm gray tone with red pin strips to accentuate the groves and details on the body panels. All other parts have been blacked out to give the whole bike an earthier feel.
After everything is ready we reassembled the bike and rode it for the first time, this humble two stroke underdog has come back to life and it feels Awesome.
It took us little more than 2 months to complete this build.



Anupam Singh Parihar
Dochaki Designs
Kadam Wak Basti, Pune sholhapur highway
Pune, mMharashtra.
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  1. Bajaj KB100 Scrambler ~ Dochaki Designs

    Hey this is Yogit Kumar form Jaipur. I like this bike very much and I am planning to buy a custom made bike within a year. Can u please tell me the price of this bike. My budget is approx. 1.5 lakhs.

    Thank you

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