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I have a big dream. A very big that you can imagine. I have dreams for this humble little blog.  An office with loud rock and metal musics, alcohols from Scotland on my table, the office staffed by an army of literate bike freaks, Yes yes, I know. Most bike riders don’t read – but this is a dream after all. They’d be churning out cool bike posts for the blog every other minute. Thousands of posts a day and million visitors!

I have a dream of running a Cafe, not for you if you don’t ride. I want my customers to ride loud bikes,  old angry faces with dirty cloths and weird tattooed men entering my caffe with super sexy chicks in leather outfits, No I’ll not stare at girls this time, I’ll stare at their rides, Old school Bobbers, British cafe racers are lined up at my Parking zone.

Munir Hassan 350CC.comI have a big dream of owning a custom workshop, not so big may be, Okey, I can compromise with the one like OCC’s place. I’ll draw bikes, plan the frame, drill them, paint them…Every possible stuffs to build a bike will be in my small campus.

And for myself I would want only few bikes, of course I’ll have a Bobber, a Cafe racer, a super cool chopper (common’ I have to have them cause I’ll build them). Apart from them I’ll have a Royal Enfield, no no! 2 or 3 Enfields for me, a Harley, one Norton and a Triumph for me. I’ll be happy with these small numbers of bikes in my garage.

Big dream I told you! Back to reality! I have none of them. Work as a salaried employee in some IT firm with no time left for me. I had started this blog few year back cause I love motorcycles and imagine building them, oh you know that! Started with nothing but a blank blog and kept trying to collect information on Indian custom bike builders and then someday finally I found some fresh stories for me. I was helped by many bike builders of country and the blog became pretty live. Found many amateur crazy bike builders who’re working harder than anything to build a bike the way they dream, they provide me information and my blog found life . Thanking all of them and my friends who helped me, Thanking you all my visitors who inspire me.  Thanking my girlfriend (who recently upgraded to a Wife in mid 2015!), who tolerates my weird crazy talks about bikes and keeps encouraging me being so. I have those big dreams inside me…may be..someday..!

Thanking You
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61 thoughts on “About 350CC.com

  1. Dear Sir,

    Gone through your Web and found your Products are interesting.

    I am looking for a Royal Enfield Thunderbird model Customised according to my requirements.

    Pls revert, will you take up such orders.?

    mob = 0 999 405 7777

  2. I am a physically disabled person as my left leg has been amputated but i love choppers i want to buy a bajaj avenger and modify it into a three-wheeler chopper without gears as i’ll not be able to change gears with my left leg. what will be the lowest possible cost for it and will anyone be able to modify it according to my requirements?

  3. Great site and neat bikes, like your work. Interested to know if you have a WW11 style dispatcher riders or have you ever done one? If so what is the cost including shipping to London Ontario Canada? Would appreciate a reply if you are interested. Thanks. Dave B

  4. Hi Guys,

    We are an indo french motorcycle tour operating company, we have been organizing tours for over 07 years now and in the past 02 years have also opened up our garage for public. We customize, restore and pimpup Royal Enfields plus provide coaching classes to learn how to ride a motorbike or simply learn to fix your own bike.

    Being part of the same industry I am sure that their are a lot of different ways where in we can collaborate together and help build this growing culture of riders in India.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Arpit Chundawat

  5. Am a paraplegic – I walk with the help of crutches due to spina bifida. I have nursed a dream to ride a bike for some time now I used to drive a Kinetic Honda, with an attached side-car, during my college days and early career. Needless to say, all my vehicles, including my cars, had an automatic transmission and could be controlled solely by hand.

    Is it possible to do a trike that has:
    1. Hand controlled throttle, brake?
    2. Automatic transmission?
    3. Reverse gear?

    Am in Ghaziabad.



  6. Dear Sir,

    I have yamaha enticer bike need to done coating as rust formed and need to clean fuel tank as it formed rust inside.Kindly guide where will do accross banglore.Kindly provide contact details

  7. i want to order tires from amazon.com. As they dont ship to india i’m not getting what to do? how should i get it here in affortable prise? this tires are not available in india so shipping from other country is the only option. I dont have any idea about all the shipping procedure, custom duty and all. please help me out for this………………..

  8. Hi,

    I have a CBZ 2005. I want to modify it, I have seen one of the pic of the modified cbz. I am quite not convinced.
    So if you may pl send some pic along with the budget or can call me and we can talk over the phone.

    0 98991 24210

  9. Hi Mr minor ..

    I am Mohammed from Saudi . Can you gave me your number , or call me please
    my number : 00966544433470

  10. from where i can purchase 300mm (10.5 inch) wide tire with its rim in india. please any body has information email me. thank you


  11. I am owning a Yamaha RX 135 and I want to make it as I saw in your pics what will be the cost of it and where is your workshop please do let me know awaiting for your reply

  12. I have Harley Davidson superlow model 2014. I want to raise the road clearance by introducing front fork extenders. have you done such modification before ? kindly reply asap.

  13. hi there i would like to get a proper motocross bike built,preferably from pune. can you suggest anyone please?my phone number is 9836692575

  14. At first I’m a big fan of your bike modifing. What should I do to learn bike modifing please….. tell me soon.

  15. DEAR 350CC,



  16. abhishek says i want to contact u to customized my bike to modified my thunderbird 500 to make by harley davidson pleace say your cantact number in chennai my number is 9840786280 iam studing in the school in 12 std next year iam going to collage i got licence and buy a new bike in 350cc.com pleace contact me

  17. how to leagilize my custome made RX 100 on road by RTO in mumbai??And what changes can i make in my bike like chasis,body,etc…Can somebody help with the procedure

  18. Sirs,
    ThE address mentioned in your website about my dealership has few spelling mistakes and also the email ID and a phone nos. is wrong . Kindly correct the same for your customers to be served better by us . We are Royal Enfield Dealers in West Bengal – Murshidabad District.

    Email ID – lalittalwar@maxwheelmotors.com
    Phone – Sales – 9233330210/211/212 – royalenfieldsales@maxwheelmotors.com
    Service – 9233330215/216 – royalenfieldservice@maxwheelmotors.com

    Lalit Talwar
    9434050061 / 9233330200

  19. Hi have an avenger 220 which is 7 yrs old,even though i luv my bike but my buddy is getting old want to give it a new life. With some modern day upliftments like a good paint job, modern equipment and improved braking.
    Can u help me with this need to know about the cost involved

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