Vardenchi Valoroso – The ultimate Chopper

You’re on the way walking and the road is suddenly shaken up by a deep rumble that seemed to grow louder until it steadied into a roar. The unfamiliar noise, has obviously startled a few visitors lounging around in the road. Before they can grasp the origin of the noise, the Vardenchi Valoroso thunders past them with all the dignity in the eyes.

The Vardenchi Valoroso has the latest carb cover with the branding laser-ed into a stainless steel plate. Looks more finished and detailed and leaves the tank free for any extreme graphic art.



CNC cut alloy wheels with dual finish of black satin and alloy give the Vardenchi Valoroso its cutting edge appeal. The wheels are light and extremely well balanced.
The wheels in motion look brilliant and will send your heart racing.


The Vardenchi Valoroso has CNC cut risers that offer improved handle stability and a more ergonomic ride position. They are built from aluminium alloy and are light weight. Look out for the images of the complete Valoroso.

The Valoroso’s Up-swept bar end mirrors and turn indicators look detailed and are very effective. The mirrors can be set and the give a great view of the rear while you head out to the Horizon.


You may visit their website for any further inquiry about this bike or any other Vardnchi modified bikes.


Information – Vardenchi. Photography by Gaurav Surana

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13 thoughts on “Vardenchi Valoroso – The ultimate Chopper

  1. You guys are doing an awesome job of bringing all the bike lovers together & including great customizers with great potentials from India. This gives all of us Customizers great joy & pride to do more good work & have a healthy competition. And show the World how creative we guys are. Carry on the great work at All the Best, Cheers.

  2. High end modification! Like Ajay said…..yes much of like Bad Land (I don’t like them much though, they are too mechanical instead of BUILDING beauty, there’s no classic about them, like you have a high end workshop, you can build all frames and covers, so you modded a bike, no art about them, personally i feel)

  3. I have contacted them for the price, its well over 5 lacs but under 6 waiting period of six months +-. You have to give your own bike second hand or new mostly RE bikes bcoz of engine capacity and they will customize the same bike.
    What I can’t rap my head around is why charge so much, where engine is free, chassis needs labour, expensive part are already in. If I had to spend 6 lac I will prefer Harley Davidson, which more branded than this.

  4. if i want to buy vardenchi DRAGSTER or SLAYER what will be the cost of it and if i want to customize my bullet similar to DRAGSTER or SLAYER model what will be the cost and how long should i wait to get it.

  5. is there any model available between 2-3 lakhs with rear broad tyre of 300 and how long do i have to wait after order i am looking for the model one u displayed in auto expo 4 yrs back in BKC ground ..i liked it very much.thanks in advance

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