Top 5 Vardenchi Motorcycles

Founder of Vardenchi, Akshai Varde chose something closer to his roots. Vardenchi is a company built on a strong belief in the highest levels of product quality and standard of service offered to the customer. With most areas of custom motorcycle building, like sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication, an in-house painting and assembly unit, the team has firm control over quality and innovative designing.

Here we’ve got few nice Modification by them.

Vardenchi Infinity

Vardenchi Custom Motorcycle Infinity
The most elegant blend of a streamlined structure,dazzling chrome, and a jaw dropping graphic paint job put together in the most subtle way that you may have seen. Its angled yet comfortable rake along with the low slung seat gives you a very grounded and stable ride for a long trip along the highway and also a fun thrilled ride through the twisties. The forward controls with a practically wide set handle bar are a recipe for riding addiction. But the winner is when your Vardenchi Infinity passes bystanders like that streak of lightening with the roaring thunder of a beast. This baby cries “CUSTOM”

Vardenchi Slayer

vardenchi Saylor
The swordfish inspired pointed fenders, very gothic flames and skull paint scheme, and the sharp cut accessories make an onlooker fear the .”Slayer”… In an aspirational sort of way. It is the big bad brother of our elegant “infinity” and hence shares the grounded and stable ride. But it is lounder and badder and will make heads turn like never before. This mean machine will go perfectly with your tattoos and leather collar…. Dawg!

 Vardenchi Thunderstrike

Vardenchi’s cafe racer, Thunderstrike was built for the BSM (Business Standard Motoring) Magazine.

Vardenchi Skeletor

Jackie Shroff’s The Skeletor is a truly unique custom made motorcycle by Vardenchi Customs from India and guess what. It doesn’t have a V-twin engine or much chrome to make it shine as it is ridden down the freeway, but its builder declares: “I’ve never got so many stares on a motorcycle before.” That is most likely because after hours and hours of hard work, the Skeletor motorcycle looks like it just rode out of a graveyard in a MJ-like music video.

Vardenchi Sunburn


The Sunburn chopper has been carefully handcrafted by Vardenchi to reflect the style, attitude and class of the Sunburn festival. Being the brand mascot of one of the top electronic music festivals in the world, we wanted the Sunburn chopper to be an exclusive machine with bold contemporary styling, top of the line engineering and features, making these bikes the envy of every Sunburn fan.

There’s still a lot more I would like to post, I should have started with top 10 or top 25 bikes of Vardenchi to merge them all, next time I’ll not do the mistake for sure. Cheers.

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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Vardenchi Motorcycles

  1. Beauty they are!
    The Skeletor was so damn sick! wow! loved! Jackie Sroff finally did something remarkable in life rather than selling those weird product late night on tv haha 😉

  2. can u pls tell me the price of the chepeast vardenchi chopper . AND IF I want to make oa chopper bike what will be the cost pls tell me if u can thx


  4. Sir i wanted to modify my 350 classic brand new bike what will be the cost to modify like infinity cruiser.

  5. Sir i want to modify my 350 classic brand new one year old bike what will be the cost to modify like infinity cruiser

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