Thundercat ~ Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 by Bulleteer Customs

Bulleteer Customs is one of the oldest renowned custom motorcycle unit based in Bangalore. The unit was started in 2005 as a back yard project and has since developed into a small business driven by the passion for motorcycles especially Indias most glorious one and an insatiable urge to make things better, be it design aesthetics, handling or just plain appeal, we are always pushing the envelope of design and performance. Constant and growing appreciation from fans across country and a few abroad has fueled this passion and still does so with every newly modified bike!

Thundercat ~ Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 by Bulleteer Customs Bangalore

They construct bikes in a unique way that suits the most modern machines of the era. Still, the company holds a traditional finish in every products of it. Chopper, vintage, cruiser, cafe racer or whatever you want to own, these guys can make it for you. Check out this of late built off the line Cafe Racer, which was converted from a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 – Thundercat! This ones a Cafe but not a traditional one, its a blend of the old and the new that handles and performs like a track tool.
Digital Speedo, Daymaker Headlights and 190/120 rear front michelin combination make this machine cooler, faster and way better at making a statement than an average superbike!


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Photography Courtesy : Bulleteer Customs

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15 thoughts on “Thundercat ~ Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 by Bulleteer Customs

  1. Hello sir , i like your bike thundercat what is the price of model thundercat plz send me details. ,thank u iam son of transport minister ( bhupendra singh) of madhyapradesh government

  2. In every cafe racer built… The rearsets are required to be a little off to the back to match the riding posture of a rider… But in this case u guys hav completely forgot abt it. N u hav left it as it is… Which is a completely turn off. Sorry guys best luck next time

  3. Hi
    My name is Bharath Raj
    I’m the bike lover of royal enfield ,I recently came across your thunder cat bike
    I loved the bike looks and model which you were designed
    Can you please let me know the price of thunder cat

  4. Let me know the details of thundercat. Tire size,rear suspebntionand all other necessary that I can make my own thundercat

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