Tenzing’s BULL -E “02”

Things are simple are good, might not applicable everytime, but goes high in some cases. Say it for bikes or say it for girls! Well, since this blog is bit less-related to girls, I would rather concentrate the next ~ the bike, especially Today’s bike! Yes we have another piece of art from our friend of North East, Gangtok, one of the most beautiful Hill station in Country! Tenzing Namgyal, banker by profession digged his hand in creation of this beautiful 350cc Royal Enfield Electra! A simple and a gentle Bobber!

“I am Tenzing Namgyal, residing in Gangtok, Sikkim, a North Eastern state in India. I am currently employed in a bank. I have been riding this particular bike since the last six years and have been tinkering around with the idea of a cosmetic uplift for the bike since the past few months. The bike that I worked on is a 350 cc, 19bhp Royal Enfield Electra year 2002.
The Bike and the Build:
2. This is my first attempt at modfying a bike. It all started whilst I was browsing youtube. I came across a video on reducing the weight of a Royal Enfield. Initially, the idea was just an exercise to make the bike lighter, but as the stripping progressed so did the idea of modifying the necessary parts that were to be bolted back on.
3. The underlying idea behind the build was to use as much off the shelf parts from Royal Enfield for achieving a lighter and a more manouverable bike. Hence, the tail lights, the front end, the rear mudguards, electrics, rubber tank pads have been incorporated form various models of the Enfiled line of bikes.
4. Considering, it is a very amateur attempt at a bike build, everything apart from the paint is done in my workshop and I had to make do with a few tools and as the build progressed I bought a few more tools to facilitate the build (wrenches, C- clamps etc).
The frame of the bike has remained untouched (no trip to the chop shop!!), structurally and no welds have been added onto it.”

“The engine (Top end) has been opened and cleaned (Decarbonised) to give out better mileage.
The stock air filter has been replaced with a conical K&N Air Filter.
The exhaust has been changed to a freeflow exhaust wrapped with Exhaust wrap.
The tyres on the bike are 3.5X19” (Rear) and 3.25X19” (Front).
The bike electrics have been reworked for placement alongwith a few unnecessary resitances (from stock condition) having been byepassed in the spirit of the modification.
The seat is hand made out of Mild steel sheet and covered with stiched leather.
The battery box and the wiring box (placed under the seat) made out of leather has been hand stiched by me.
The tank has been shaped out of Mild steel, with the help of a few refrences out of the internet. The tank is a much smaller and is around 30% smaller than the stock size.
The color on the bike is a custom metallic brown, mixed and painted by a local painter. The frame has been repainted matte black and the engine parts have been polished manually.
5. Overall, the exercise took around 16 weekends of trial and error to finish. The seat height has been considearbly lowered to give the rider more manouverability.The weight of the bike has been considerably reduced from the stock weight of 180kgs. The free flow exhaust alongwith K&N air filter has made the bike sound much louder and better.”
You may catch Tenzing Namgyal with the email address : tenzinnamgyal82@gmail.com

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8 thoughts on “Tenzing’s BULL -E “02”

  1. Superb build… Simple and precise…. Goes to show that even a beginner can build amazing daily riders by keeping things simple… Looks better to me than some of the overgrown cr@p we see from some professional builders..

      1. Awesome work, simplicity, that’s what stands out. A little like the Himalyan Outlaw, except the exhaust and the tank.

      2. Hi Tenzing,
        Before I start my queries I must say you created a master piece.
        I also have Bullet Electra 350cc. I am planning for modification.
        After cosmetic changes is there any change in perforce also????
        And what is the most important thing to be taken care while doing modifications???

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