Steroid 540 – Upgraded Classic 500 by Bulleteer Customs

Cafe Racer bikes have been steadily rising cultural phenomenon which we now see being resurrected in the motor airways all over the world. A lot of the bikes being made both custom and factory are starting to return back to its former designs using classic bike engines and parts. Few points to be consider before you build a cafe racer, definitely the look and seating posture comes in priority, but the speed factor is the real game changes! Yes a Cafe Racer should runs fast….that’s why they were invented. Today we have a custom Royal Enfield Classic 500 with all those criteria matching, by Bulleteer Customs of Bangalore.

Ricardo Pereira, director and key person of Bulleteer Customs shared few details of the bike with us, “The Steroid 540 is a design we have been working on for a year now and after our 1600km test ride to GOA and back we are thrilled that this motorcycle is the best we have built in terms of spot on handling and outright power delivery.
This bike started life as a Classic 500 , the engine got a few TOP SECRET power mods that takes the bike from 0 – 100 in under 9 seconds and a top speed of 154kmph . A 190mm Metzeller in the rear , a 120mm front and the geometry of a racer make this bike a worthy track tool. We wanted to make our version of the Royal Enfield GT but unlike other skinny renditions we wanted our CAFE to look buff , kinda like it just got a STEROID shot , so we used tyres that should be on a Super bike , RC 390 front end , bybre disc brakes in the rear , a Continental GT tank that looks stock but is 4 inches wider than stock to do justice to “proportion”.

The seat is a floating design like our Thundercat and the silencer was not planned but since it got the bike to perform like a racer it earned it’s place , the bend is the shortest exit for exhaust gasses and adds a few hp , and finally the headlights are a cluster projector set that is brighter than anything we have seen before, this of of course gets covered by a no.7 shield in the day .
As you might have seen with us , nothing inspires us more than a dedication, and the Steroid is dedicated to the great Barry Sheen , one of Britain’s greatest racers of all time.
This is also dedicated to the Anglo Indian (of British and Indian heritage) and fact that the Royal Enfield is probably the world’s only Anglo Indian Motorcycle.”


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