Sonic200 ~ KTM Duke200 Cafe Racer by Inline3 custom Motorcycles

From the subject line it sounds bit odd – transforming a brash modern day sport naked bike into a purely retro styled Cafe Racer is probably a NO-NO for most of the bike enthusiasts, however Chandigarh based Inline3 custom Motorcycles overhauled the Duke, and inside the hidden beneath they found a beautifully simple trellis frame on which to mount their new bodywork resulting a great performance package which was perhaps the basic assertion of old era’s Cafe Racers… Run..Race…Go faster!

Sonic200 ~ KTM Duke200 Cafe Racer by Inline3 custom Motorcycles

This was the 2nd build from Inline3 Custom Motorcycles, Aseem Singh Pawar shared his journey “Well after doing a hybrid ktm-rd350 my hands were itching for more. Custom bikes had become life for me. My duke 200 was just laying there in the garage. This is when it struck me, let’s make a cafe out of this baby. I went back to the drawing board and felt alive again. Making a custom bike seemed to be easy this time as I didn’t have to do engine mounting R&D this time but I was again proved wrong. Well there’s a reason why most custom builders prefer old school bikes. I instantly developed eye cancer upon looking at all that modern day wiring and nexus of sensors.

I always wanted a sleek look for this bike so hiding all that wiring inside the tank was the only solution. Once that was done making a exhaust was the next challenge. Under tail exhaust systems have always made me go crazy and this was the perfect opportunity to design my own under tail exhaust. Soon everything started to fall in place and the bike was finished in just 2 months. I like to call this bike sonic because it’s small fast and agile just like sonic (video game character).”


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