Sepoy Bison – Latest bobb in Military Green from MCBC Studio

These days, the phrase “go green” can be found almost everywhere you turn. What does that mean ? Well, incorporating new behaviors into your lifestyle — like recycling products, eating organic foods, driving less and walking more— are examples of ways to decrease the impact you have on the environment! Well, motorcyclying might not be among them, but if you ask to show off, I would call to line up MCBC Studio’s bikes! In term of modifying a bike, they’re improving in their every next build, technically and by look, but the best part of being humble about them, atleast for me, is the mundane prescence of the color matte Military green on their bikes!


Sepoy Bison, a new member of our Sepoy family, is a mix of retro/vintage looks and a tough looking cruiser, indeed we rather call it a bobber. A Enfield Bullet beautifully transformed into a cool Bobber.

Here’s few tech spec on Sepoy Bison :

1) Matte military color with our trademark Golden highlights
2) Custom tank with meters panel & ignition switch
3) 130 mm wide tyres (front & rear)
4) Custom super wide front suspension
5) Custom tool box
6) ‘Tube EOD’ (End-Of-Days) silencer (for an ‘end-of-days’ thump), especially from MCBC Studio.

You may contact Naveen Nair on 9953089992 from MCBC Studio (Faridabad) for any query.

Photo : MC/BC Studio.

Note : Please mention us ( when you contact MC/BC Studio.

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