Twin Spark Thunderbird to Scrambler by Dochaki Designs

The evolution of a custom motorcycle world is more unique, unnerve and demanding and still improving upside. Even in India, if you look at the scenario,  there are many types of custom motorcycle modifications are in trend currently, you can concentrate into changing the look of your bike make them look big, flashy or comfortable and there are unique and individual characteristics who wants to ride there bike in terms of where no road is there!! And this was how Scrambler was begin. And for us Indians, the first call for a donor bike to modify is always a Royal Enfield. Today we have in our bucket a Royal Enfield Thunderbird twin spark 350cc which converted ti S off roader ~ Scrambler by Dochaki Designs in Pune.

“We have completed more of our built. We call it cobra, as it is inspired by the Shelby cobra.. not literally but its our way of showing our love.

It is a Scrambler, but instead of making it an old school, hardcore scrambler with high and big fenders, very minimalistic comfort and practicality in urban environment, we have built a more user and city streets friendly scrambler, anyways our roads are not less than a off road track.
It is based on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird twin spark 350cc. We have tweaked the engine to increase the horse power and torque by fiddling with engine parts, sprockets and exhaust. Alloy wheels and Tubeless tires with big threads has been added for better grip and long runs, both On and Off the road. High rear mudguards. Straighter and shorter handlebar for better control.

Hand Crafted Body panels includes patrol tank which has feature lines inspired from Shelby cobra, side panels, front fender having scoop like feature, high Rear fender, with racing strips running across the whole bike. Dual Headlight, LED Tail light, Scrambler style Seat but customized for urban rides. Grab Handles for pillion is located below the rear seat, giving the bike a old school scrambler look. Performance exhaust at inclined position for clearing it from rough terrain.
Custom Paint job includes blacked out engine, exhaust and all other under body parts, Body panels are painted with Black and White racing strips to make it true to our theam.. “Cobra”. Various other minute details like Custom Made Instrument cluster, artificial leather striped grips etc. has been added. It took us 2.5 months to complete it, and costed around 1.3 lac excluding the donor bike.”



Anupam Singh Parihar
Dochaki Designs
Kadam Wak Basti, Pune sholhapur highway
Pune, mMharashtra.
Call 08806795165
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4 thoughts on “Twin Spark Thunderbird to Scrambler by Dochaki Designs

  1. Thanks Munir, I am glad that the bike has found a space on your website finally. Thanks to this platform, I found Dochaki & could realize my dream. I got my bike the way I wanted it, but am overwhelmed with the way it rides. Just loving it.

  2. Looks clean, but needs to work out more.
    1) The tank should be altered (scramblers should have smaller and lighter tank)
    2) a Brat typed seat would be nicer…in black in my opinion
    3)i dont trust those alows….i still believs moer in spokes 😀

    1. Hi yogendra,
      Thanks for replying on our build. . Its good hear some healthy points about our creations, it helps us improve.
      Regarding your points .. I would like to tell that is not a hardcore scrambler, it is a pro street scrambler which is designed as per the requirements of urban environment yet keeping the feel , design features and attributes of a scrambler.
      1. if you notice closely, it has a complete new hand built tank which has sleek design as of scrambler format. With all the grooves and size is such that it helps rider to put legs closer to tank if he opts to go offroad.
      2. Brat style seats are good for brat bikes, this is designed as ler the comfort of the rider so he can use it daily on urban roads as well as can take it off road as well. Brat style seats are good, but they tend to increase the seat height which may not be very comfortable for some riders. Colors are very personal choice, as we customize as per clients requirements.
      3. We understand people tend to associate scrambler with spoked wheels, but alloys has given the benifit of using tubeless tyres, which means a puncture less tension free ride .. in both urbannas well as offroad.

      Bikes are very special to everyone. Different people will have different opinion for the same bike.
      Keep riding .. hope you like our future builds.

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