Rudra – Brat Style Royal Enfield Thunderbird by Bulleteer Customs

With all the motorcycle classifications out there generalizing a lot of motorcycle styles, the term “Brat Style” is still not a very well known segment by motorcycle genre. Being straight, this is not a motorcycle style either, rather than  a shop named “Brat Style” of Japan, that started out making some odd unique type of bike make to take on the urban sprawl of Tokyo. Relating to Cafe Racer, those bikes are stripped down of all nonessential components, and usually have small displacement engines and slab seats. The most reliable definition can be found by bikebound, “A brat style bike is a non-rigid custom with either a flat, slab seat long enough to ride two-up, or a solo seat lowered via mild frame modification.  It has a lowered stance with most unnecessary equipment removed–fairings, chrome, etc. Handlebars can be mini-apes, superbike bars, or motocross bars–but no clip-ons.  Moto-styled bars often skew the bike toward the category of “brat tracker,” especially if slightly knobby tires are fitted”. Conquering all these accepted or unaccepted terminology, the style gain a lot of popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts world wide when North America was obsessed with fat-tire choppers with airbrushed skulls and douchebaggery. And being highly enhanced in motorcycle taste, Indian audiences are no left behind than any other country’s!  Renowned bike builders dig their hands and resulting great Brat Style bikes – just like the one we have today, customized by Bulleteer Customs on a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc donor bike.


Talking about the new build, Ricardo Pereira, director of Bulleteer Customs shared few words with us, “This is a 2003′ Thunderbird, we only work on 2013+ models however this one is the very first bike our client owned and he wanted it to be immortalized, so we built him this,  the second of our BRAT series, this one’s RUDRA , inspired from images of Shiva in a rage ,  this one is one of my own personal favorites, with a 140 mm rear , 110 front tyre , blacked out everything else , gunmetal finish engine casing , power tuned AVL 360cc engine , racing handle bars, cluster projector Headlight, power exhaust and filter , digital meter and a seat that screams old school and allows for all types of riding positions, you can even share your wild ride with someone ready to get close , the machine is  quite literally BAD ASS”


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  1. Please tell me the price.. how and from where to purchase?? Im right now in Mathura.. if I can get it in Delhi then Ill be very much happy.. If possible I want it very2 soon..

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