Custom Bobber using Royal Enfield Electra by Old Empire Motorcycles, UK

Right, this is not the first time you’re seeing her probably. This bike was popped up in several custom bike blogs like Pipeburn and Return to the Cafe Racers since months. I’m not sure if they’ll sue me for stealing their Bikes, but then also I couldn’t resist myself from sharing with you guys. I’m a Royal Enfield freak, you knew this.
The bike Pup, a neat Bobber was built by UK based workshop, Old Empire Motorcycles.  The Pup is part of Old Empire Motorcycles’s Progency series of motorcycles. A range of custom motorcycles based on factory bikes chosen because of their aesthetic appeal, build quality and character. At the heart of the Pup is an ’09 Royal Enfield Electra, a classic single thumper with British roots. Each custom in the Prognecy range will be produced in a series of 10 with 3 Enfield Pups already completed.
The Pups name is a hat tip to the World War One biplane, the Sopwith Pup. The Sopwith Pup was the plane of choice for RAF pilots due to it’s size and manoeuvrability which were the two main design considerations for OEM’s Pup motorcycle.

Custom build features:
• 19”wheels w/ Avon roadrunners
• Customised frame, fixed axle with chain tensioner
• Custom tank, scalloped with leather knee pads
• Modified Aprilia RS50 yokes, fork rechromed, legs shaved & lowered 1.5″
• Brooks sprung leather saddle and grips (modified)
• Koso electronic speedo w/ warning lights
• Mini Bates headlight
• Stainless steel custom bars
• Amal 900 concentric carburettor conversion kit
• Custom stainless steel exhaust w/ mini baffle
• Front and rear aluminium mudguards
• Painted tank, guards and headlight w/ pin striping
• Chromed/painted/polished/scotched engine
Photo and Info : Return to the Care Racer

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4 thoughts on “Custom Bobber using Royal Enfield Electra by Old Empire Motorcycles, UK

  1. a 500cc electra i assume they are….only available in UK ,….quite similar to our thunderbird or machismo engine….massive and clean….

  2. You won’t be disappointed with a Honda. They aren’t the hgsehit quality bike out there, but they are affordable, drop dead reliable and durable, and there is a good lineup of models for most any rider. At your height and weight, I would recommend an XR 650, but if you want to ride tight technical stuff, the 450 would suit you better with some suspension mods.

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