Royal Enfield Classic 500cc Cafe Racer by Rajputana Customs

Although café racers come in many ways, still there are some commonalities that run throughout the design. With the lowering of the handlebars and altering of the gas tank and modifying the seat, the outline of the bike becomes more appealing. It is mandatory  that the café racer is not bulky in appearance as care racer was born in days were to serve some necessities , to run…fast..and fast..and faster….! Function was the main goal – the rigid, compact and to run faster (yes there was less Super bikes and lesser fanboys to afford them)! In the past years, Rajputana Custom Motorcycles is one of the most adorable name who’re instructing over Motorcycle revolution and literally educating lot of our countrymen on what motorcycle history tells us! This time they digged their hands on a Royal Enfield Classic 500cc and converted to a tidy Cafe Racer!


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Pictures Courtesy: Rajputa Custom Motorcycles

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5 thoughts on “Royal Enfield Classic 500cc Cafe Racer by Rajputana Customs

  1. I looking forward to cafe racer
    Using my karizma r 2014 model
    Can u transform it for me
    Tell me the complete quotation plz

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