Royal Enfield 2003 Electra Choper ~ Xlnc Customs

If you are one like me, then you probably like things with curves! There are a lot of reasons to love curves as they don’t lack those essential factors unlike the curve=leases. These factors range from fertility to beauty and they are indeed much important things most men look out for. If you still believe I’m am taking you somewhere else from why exists, you have a dirty mind I tell you! We have a bike today and I’m pretty sure the builders in Xlnc Customs are pretty keen on curves too! Cheers to her smoother curves ~ A Low-Ride Custom Build SWAGG, has made out of a RE Electra 2013 model.


“We have build the Low Ride budget bike upgrading our exiting designs such as Invader and RE-Extended installing a 140mm wide tire in the Bike with a Motive to design something different as always. Some additional features of the bike include Custom made tank, Custom Made Extended Break and Gears,Custom made Custom foot pegs, Custom made front folks, Bar End Mirrors, Handle Bar Raisers, Grilled Headlight & LED Back light with side plate number, and K&N Air Filter for better performance.

All the work done on the bike is hand made inhouse, there is nothing that has been picked up from the shelf or from the market.”

You can find all the XLNC CUSTOMS bullets following the link, stay tuned with their Facebook Page for regular updates. You can call XLNC for any queries by following contact details.

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