Restored Suzuki Shogun – Cafe Racer by Iron Soul Machines

Not everyone! There are minors – very less with true artistic sense who finds the other beauty in something that is somewhat unappealing. It takes effort, it may take time, but the final creation would bring you the peace in mind! Today’s bike is one such example, built with a underbone motorcycle that was powerful and impressive in own segment – a 110cc 2 stroked Suzuki Shogun by very new Iron Soul Machines – a venture created by Aksh Randhawa and Yashveer Agnihotri, in Rajpura, Punjab.


Talking on Ahaan,  they named the bike, which means steel in Urdu language, shared to “Talking about the experience of customizing the Suzuki Shogun, it was a challenge, though we had to work hard upon its design to make it look like a classic Cafe Racer without projecting that it was from someone new like us.

Building this bike was fun, dad a great time figuring out things on the bike,  as stated earlier it is a Suzuki Shogun, 110cc, 2 stroke heart, turned into an Cafe Racer. Solo Seat, slow slung clip on handle bars, external air filter, custom made LED tail lamp, performance exhaust and insulation wrapped exhaust bend.” He ended with thanking the kinsmen “I would like to mention the friends at Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs were a great help initially. Moral Support was given by brother, Vishal Chaudhary and my entire family.”

Connect them via address given below or like their Facebook page for regular updates.

#5, Narnaul Colony,
Industrial Area,
near Eagle Motel,
Rajpura, Punjab (140401)
Phone Number: 9988892280

Photo : Iron Soul Machines

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8 thoughts on “Restored Suzuki Shogun – Cafe Racer by Iron Soul Machines

    1. Hello Monty,

      Yes we do have clear images. Please head over to our page for daylight pictures.

      Iron Soul Machines

  1. feeling nostalgic..i had one years back and had sold because i did not have space to keep another bike…the bike was really great, thanks buddy for keeping the bike alive….keep it up..wish to see more from you in future 🙂

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