Restored Jawa by Nomad Motorcycle Chop Shop

There could be nothing more exciting than the roaring motorcycle running full throttle. And if the bike happens to be yesteryear’s Yezdi Jawa variety, it is not only about nostalgia but also a power-packed performance. Ask Siddharth Dsouza from Nomad Motorcycle Chop Shop guys who restored a Yezdi B model from the old era!Nomad_Motorcycle_Chop_Shop_Pune_Jawa_Restoration_Yezdi

On a note he briefed us : “Hey guys here is some pictures of the yezdi b-model restoration. 16 years in the dust 6 of┬áthose years on top of a hill. Engine covers open and exposed was a simple budget restoration and took a lot of work! but we promised you the pictures.

Wish I had a picture of the amount of rat shit, birds nests and hay we took out from the bike not to mention eggs on top of the piston because the spark plug hole was exposed :


“Hope you like it its, not a custom tough! just a good old classic! The effort was taken because it was the clients fathers bike. The tank and jawa parts are something his father fancied using on his bike, so we incorporated it into the plan of the build.”

The details of the work put on it are :

  • Sandblasted
    Re fabricated
    Powder Coated
    Treated Paint
    Hand Pinstriped


Nomad Motorcycle Chop Shop
Siddharth Dsouza

Photo and Info : Nomad Motorcycle Chop Shop

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5 thoughts on “Restored Jawa by Nomad Motorcycle Chop Shop

  1. my father had one ideal jawa…he used to clean everyday. we had to sale the bike due to lack of space in garrage… miss that beauty.

  2. I have a yezdi 250 CC 1975 make… I want to restore it just like the picture above.
    Any guidance above will be appreciated.

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