Rebel Custom Motorcycle, Enfields on diesel?

What were you doing with your life in your late teens? If you were anything like me you were flunking out of university, getting right-royally wasted, living at home and you more than likely hadn’t even considered riding a motorbike. At least, not legally. Cough. So what if I were to tell you that the creator of those amazing you’ll below is only a mere 22 years old and that this is he has transplant Petrol bullets into Diesel ? Well, it’s with gritted teeth and a slightly awkward, jealous smile that I’d like to introduce you to Anuj Saini, founder of this extra ordinary custom shop, Rebel Custom Motorcycle.

We were excited to know his story more than he was to tell, ah, we had to wait until he was done with his college Exam! He shared with ” from a deep past days I don’t know how many bike sketch I’ve designed in my school days almost all notebooks back pages are inked by me every time extreme new designs came out , am good in drawing and can make pencil portrait of wht comes into my mind either bikes or some pretty faces too.” I would secretly confess now, I was not great in painting but yeah you followed me HAHA,  ” Most of the time i dream  in night and draw it early morning , I can tlk bout motorbike a whole day , never feel bore reading bout engines , In my history lecture in 6th class a number of time I was caught red handed making portraits and teachers scold and a few time caned. In my childhood days when I was in 6th class my friends save pocket money to buy cricket bats and laser lights  and I save money to buy Bike magazines

He did a fair deal with Parents “Parents wants me to do Medical degree , I agree with certain conditions , I’ll give you 75% marks  and you should give me what I want”  he laughed , “finally I manage to run a workshop,  and now its REBEL CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE  Company


The workshop runs with a four guys team, Anuj, the lead guy holds the position of  Financier, designer and  Manager, Sony  Fabricator and iron casting expert, Nadeemdenter and mechanic and the Advisor, Quality checker is a  Mechanical engineer Devinder Saini. Talking on his transplanted Bullet he said “As per my nature i believe we should study all the rules so as we can break them properly. As my aim was to build completely new bikes started with transplanting petrol heads of bullets with diesel which give higher fuel economy upto 80 km per liter, started with 2 bikes one standard petrol another original 1983 model diesel bike of  sooraj automobiles. My family was nt sure my bikes can run, hahah but I was pretty sure nd the final picture was clear in my mind , what I’ve to do what  want in the budget. And step by step it takes bout 4 months to build these bikes , all most all parts except tyres nd HID lamp are custom build , results into low final budget


He shared “my personal bike I want it in army theme, so i Named it Sainik resembles with my name Saini, One man Army” The explained the spec details with patient, we are thankful to him ” I increase rake angle, fit 170mm tyre at rear, Karizma digital console in unique custom build dashboard fitted on 28 litre custom build diesel tank, custom build Single seat, pillion seat is detachable, genuine new  Alto car self strt motor is fitted, nd respective Amaron dry battery is placed in side box, this bike is very close to my heart I work day and night on this. Have u noticed rocket like twin silencer, HID head lamp fixed on fuel tank , to make handle free fr good handling experience” He continued “2 huge vintage horn ‘Jalwa’ jst below the tank , dashboard switch panel ,Rear break light is built in rear 10mm fiber no. plate, Unique additional front forks springier bars and a lots of major and minor things

Simply i wanna make a solid soldier bike, and so I get rid frm chrome nd shiny fairings. The another one is chopper with long front, huge tyre but fails at economy only 25 kmpl but mine sainik hv healthy 60 kmpl. The red fat slug special feature pillion seat is like tortoise head in-out-in below the rider seat ” He said “Alot of designs still in my pockets jst waiting fr person like me who jst wanna hv something different ” As well we are more excited to see them, yeah!

We’d asked him about the time period to build such a custom motorcycle, “Time depends upon degree of design , as if someone wants a bobber with girder or springer front v cn build it in 60 to 80 days. And if someone wanna go for a chopper or cruiser v cn show u final product in 100 days to 120 days

Like always the price is another important thing to remember,  “price range varies with degree of work nd addons , a springer front suspension , hard tail bobber – 1 lakh to 1.3 lakh excluding donor bike.

Theme base chopper 1 lakh to 3 lakh , price increase only because of addons like tyre bigger thn 200mm, single side swingarm choice , belt drive at the place of chain , Extreme paint jobs , final price vl be decided only after design selection , if simply wanna go for some design like  Sainik or  red Fat slug it vll cost  – 1.5 lakh excluding donor bike” He made it clear with no hidden stuffs, I had to say the price is pretty justified for what he delivers.


He has two workshops now, in Uttar Pardesh and Punjab, where he belongs from Punjab.

Shop no 90
Ambala road bridge market, Saharanpur

Uttar Pardesh


wrkplace no. 18  ,
Dairy complex ,humbran road , Ludhiana


You can contact him via Phone as well at : 09530518881

Email :


Photo courtesy: Anuj Saini, Rebel Custom Motorcycle

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30 thoughts on “Rebel Custom Motorcycle, Enfields on diesel?

  1. Cheers boy. Nice to see a young dude to work for motorcycles at the time of when teens are running after iPad and PS3.
    The bike looks so manly! reminds me those WWII bikes or those vintage Nortons! Very technically polished job.

    Greetings from (Germany)

  2. very impressive! ultimate machine for men! just a query, i see a normal front fork behind that springer fork…why?
    and is the Red bike (Fat slug) runs on Diesel too?

    1. Thanx Vikram ,
      the reason fr xtra suspension is to reduce thump vibes off diesel engine
      nd second reason is ur question , i like when someone ask y such front shockers 🙂
      About Red one na Currently its on diesel but cn be cnvrtd into diesel in 30k nd 15 dayz

      1. nice job,,, nd i remmber ur first toy bike u made in 9th class from waste products,,,wish u for ur bright future…. god bless u,,,,

  3. no wonder this boy is truly talented! that’s the bike everyone would die to ride (the one having a passion for Vintages) everything is so far so polished.

  4. Most studd modification i ever seen .
    Hey buddy the best part in ur designs is uniqueness,
    Almost all doing copy of americn choppers, its something differnt , keep it up . Waiting fr few more frm ur desk \m/

  5. Our country needs fabulous bike maker like you
    Great job bro I can’t imagine my country boys can make this type of amazing bikes which I saw in hollywood movies kaint job keep it up

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